How to obtain high quality

third: pay more attention to the QQ friends, concerned friends you will find a lot of friends will often publish life log, the log will not be included in the QQ space, so that the log collection content than the much higher quality. But considering the webmaster quality before use can be reproduced with friends, or friends will become their potential users. If there is not enough in his original ability, these ways can help you better access to original content.

search engine optimization for more industry into the Internet, along with the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the industry is also increasingly stringent requirements, a lot of gray industry can not escape the punishment of the search engine. As the novel literary industry website punished phenomenon is very common, do novel literature industry website owners to have a good attitude, to update the stand love Shanghai algorithm. The webmaster may be questioned even industry such a big impact, the website operation if there is a future, how to be away from the operation site to the long-term stable operation of punishment.

second: the purchase of the original content, some forums can see people selling original content, the original content of some sources of high school composition, or micro novel, the price is reasonable.

: first, clear navigation settings. Novel site classification will be more, the website needs to establish clear navigation, so convenient for users to browse the content on the site, also facilitate the spider more content on the site to grab included. The webmaster to constantly search for structure conducive to the site for users to read and spider crawling, web site navigation, map, the anchor text chain etc..

search engine has great influence on the site of the industry, the main reason for sources of literary website mostly source of information acquisition, the acquisition is an important factor influencing the operation effect of the website content! Website is growing up days and months multiplying collection content, is not a short duration of time, to be able to stable operation of updated daily original content not less especially, for the construction of new sites, not because of the lack of content acquisition, collection content will only make the website to enter the industry zone, be punished by search engines included in the ranks.

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content type website operation more difficult, should not only consider the optimization of a web page, page optimization is considered, the long tail keywords inside pages of the rankings to the site to bring traffic is very considerable. The internal structure of the main building to take into account the following improvement:

improve the internal structure construction is the core of

high quality non collection content is king


: the first open membership system through the website, the website that potential members active delivery of content, website operators early not popular, can use certain incentives to encourage members to contribute.

second: perfect website title. The site optimization is not perfect, the title of the site will not clear, easy to appear standard >

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