here is also worth mentioning, that is the weight loss drug list. If you also do weight-loss drugs in this industry, all over the world to do list. If you do so, the search engine will certainly pay special attention to you. The next station in the process of K is very likely to have you, like this kind of keywords are love Shanghai special attention, according to the author’s observation of this update. Because the home page is only three independent domain name of the site, the rest are within the pages of large portal sites, this is not a normal situation, the judgment of this becomes a word. If your site is still doing the word, then congratulations to you, the next time you stand a great chance Oh K. Even if you make the template and special keywords these two words, search engine will concern you, because the search engine found using this template website is garbage content sites, this website is keyword source spam, if your site accounted for two, even if you do good the contents of the user centric experience, mistakenly K probability is great. Sometimes many webmaster site was K jumped up and said what the original quality of content to the user experience as the center, cheating from touched, why.

?Of course, this

the one and only which includes many factors, such as the one and only the template is? Since before the arrival of two stations over the years, fell in love with the Haicheng station group "severe disaster areas". Love Shanghai in order to deal with the irregular Shanghai Dragon technology, and has taken a lot of methods, one is in fact similar website template, this love Shanghai still seemed to apply for a patent. So it is not the Internet on which website template in the one and only can easily be judged. For example, the first two love Shanghai K station, Taobao is the first, and the accuracy rate is very high, one reason is that the template, such as weight loss drugs in this industry. Behind those in the industry, directly put the top down to your generic template, template on the Internet in this piece of lost uniqueness. This is a reduction in the eyes of search engines, of course this is K days after you planted the bomb, the reason for this is actually very simple, because the search engine that a really have the value of the site, with a unique template is the most basic operation of a web site. If you copy down the template, and like this kind of medicine reducing weight "pollution" in the industry, the search engine will be more concerned about you, you can easily become cannon fodder.

recently love Shanghai K station frequently, K webmaster frightened. So why is everyone in the analysis will own website is K, then summed up a lot of reasons, what garbage outside the chain, trash content, does not meet the user experience and summarize the reasons. Of course, these can not be denied, it is to be K station main reason. But I still think this thing from a search engine of another aspect, so the author’s point of view is very simple, just like the title as written, each site must maintain its uniqueness. I would like to ask those who have been K friends, you are the one and only the Internet site in

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