with the author believe that every webmaster, every day in addition to the daily work of site maintenance and optimization, most of the time is spent on the chain work, but we also know that the quantity and quality of the selection, the forum outside the chain is undoubtedly the best choice of the party webmaster. Reply to post, can obtain the chain easily, so BBS signature chain has undoubtedly become an integral part of the chain, but after so long observation of course, summarized some opinions on the forum signature of the chain to share with you.

first, we all know the chain in addition to the pursuit of quantity, universality is very important, the same BBS signature chain is the same, so we need to collect more daily some valuable forum, not too single, for example, the writer often go to a place the portal forum, almost every day in the above reply post hundreds, the weight, the forum included all is pretty good. However, recent search engines always substantially updated, this station in 2012 January included 320 thousand, however the last query only 140 thousand, a collection of less than half, so the direct result of the site of the chain is lost, we all know the chain lost for a site means not to mention the above. The name of the game network (www.name2012贵族宝贝) is a new station, itself is not what weight, and meet the current situation, directly affects the website search engine to my trust, when the search engine on its website do not trust, so the weights directly away, especially my site outside the chain almost are introduced from this website, perhaps there are many owners do not understand what I’m saying this reason. In fact, I mean, when our site outside the chain of appeared in a forum, this is like a time bomb, along with the development of the forum, may at any time of the explosion. So, we do in the chain, must as far as possible to disperse, so even if a BBS drop right, will not affect our site.

is another forum in the above process, the author also mentioned the problems included, so here I will mention the weight problem of forum signature, believe that you know of a web page to have a fixed weight, and from the search engine of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization suggestions we can also understand, a link to a page not more than three of the best, but in a forum posts, almost everyone uses the signature to the chain, then a page appeared dozens of hundreds of different site links, is very normal. This will direct the page weight dispersion is too messy, that is to say the effect is very good, and we should also know the forum for users, is more of a community, so we want to do the quality of chain of words, or to do the same at the station Links. It is stable, quality is the best. And these BBS signature factors of instability is also too high, especially some forum integration revision, or >

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