1, the major sites have written keywords, indicating that keywords is important.

keywords is also called keywords, keywords, which is a site administrator for a website page set to the user through the search engine can search to the "vocabulary, keywords represent the market positioning website. Description is the web content concise concept.

has recently been seen to have friends in the forum, the group discussed whether the site also need to write keywords and description two META tags.

2, the search engine has more intelligent, you can modify the content in the search site title and display the content according to the website to judge from the search engine, rather than what you write is what title display, this shows the content keyword search algorithm is now smart to don’t need keywords to get the site.

4, some well-known Shanghai Dragon said search engines still read the contents of keywords, in order to judge the behavior of Shanghai dragon.

1, keywords intention is to help the search engine to determine the page keywords, but many websites with the accumulation of a large number of keywords can get good rankings, so the search engine had to change the algorithm, remove the keywords algorithm on factor.

3, through some of their operation to prove that keywords is effective.

personally can’t deny keywords in the role of search engines in the lower, after all, search engines will be more and more intelligent. But at least for now, keywords still have certain effect, but this effect. For example, the keywords allows the home to write a web search immediately determine the main content. These keywords or the end does not flow into a keyword, but keywo>

Description I don’t think I need too much discussion, although the content and weight of description Never mind, but he is looking to search user, allowing users to more quickly and easily know the content of your website, so I think he is still important and necessary.

support keywords

3, because a lot of the content of the website is now more complex, such as the forum or comment on the site, but the contents of the keywords and not the actual content of the website, search was punished.

2, a search engine and no official said the Keywords tag is not needed.

and keywords of the controversy has not stopped, the main reason is to support the abolition of keywords:

reason to continue to write

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