this week should most of Shanghai dragon Er are beginning to work! As a member of our optimization at the end of the year for the optimization of the site operation details, years after the website will not change, of course, these changes involve two aspects to enhance the website weight, ranking rose high, dropped in a website weight no matter what kind of situation, the author thinks that as an optimization personnel after we closed off, the first day of work should be carried out in the following aspects.

first, first check the website basic data statistics. In fact, it is the basic inspection sites, such as the open one by one is responsible for his own site, the first observation of the site itself, such as home page, column page, content page is changed and years ago, in fact, straight is to check whether the site is linked to the Trojan, see the source code if we did not add other junk information and so on. Check, FTP space log website again, carefully check the website visit during the Spring Festival of the spider web space, whether downtime details, after doing the above work, we will look to the daily aspects of our most important basic data analysis, such as a web site in the last few days, included the website content, website collect and before the comparison is higher or lower, the degree of stability of the website chain, the website chain is reduced or increased, Analysis of the above data mainly for the site before work today, paving the way to do good, if the site is really a problem, we must first solve these basic problems, such as web sites are linked to the Trojan, Trojan cleaning is the key, the site suffered a hacker attack news show is outdated information, this time only with years ago we backed up the database can be restored, in fact some details, but these kinds of problems, if not carefully dealt with, the site has a negative impact on the confidence certainly love Shanghai.

second, check the website Links situation. The Chinese new year because many owners back home for small and medium enterprises station, basically no one to take care of the state, this time will be a lot of negative factors such as the invasion of these sites, the space because of the holiday, many link partner web site can not normally access, for the influence caused by us is unable to access the website of the other side, Links will appear a series of the problems we encounter this kind of situation, and if the webmaster webmaster to communicate online, this time can remove the link, wait for the other after the line we can openly tell each other webmaster, if each other after timely treatment we can become good partners, perhaps because you remind each other will think you this the person who is really good friends, for each other to build long-term cooperative relations has laid a good Based Links, we know very important effect on the weights of the website links between the better, the longer the Links has a very important role in weight and website ranking promotion, then we do the link, who do not want to suspend cooperation between every two or three days, so we have such a problem is the key to their own without treatment, >

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