said that the social indifference is not a little exaggeration. For instance。 Go home by bus yesterday. Is a certain sign, then because of the heavy rain outside so one of the passengers do not know where to stop, ask have a certain. The half did not care for him. Finally, I said, you said not to stop. Wait a while. We believe that such things meet the eye everywhere. The work will also appear in such a cold case. Today is mainly to Shanghai dragon team. It is undeniable that there are between Shanghai dragon team for many companies is relatively indifferent. If a team in such a posture it would dissolve. This time will be a problem for Shanghai dragon head. Shanghai Longfeng how to draw people’s minds so that more and better about Shanghai dragon team.

third points, their problems found in a timely manner and communicate with team members out. Together to discuss the views. To respect the views of each team member. But not because of a personal opinion and changed the whole team plan. After the meeting if you don’t pay attention, then you can consult your leadership, listen to the views of the leadership.

second points, the team in front of don’t put on airs. Put on airs I also met the leadership. I think there is no need to do. We are colleagues together. Don’t put on airs is not equal to your team who does not obey the task.

above is my indifference era in Shanghai Longfeng supervisor how to draw people this opinion. I hope every Shanghai dragon team executives are able to put his team as his brother.


fifth, please eat more staff. Can not regularly to colleagues to buy some gifts ah. My girlfriend is such a company. Their manager a few days ago bought them each a pillow. You see her happy. Remember that this is not a bribe, but in dealing with people, a culture of feelings.

fourth, every week we have work and economic benefits of each team has the right to know. While some executives had left the Shanghai dragon personnel have the right to know what they know. Shanghai dragon charge each week last week to obtain economic benefits and work tasks of the public, so we do have fun. The point is not to say hard work pay.

my opinion is as follows. First, since it is a team, then rely on a person in charge of Shanghai dragon is certainly not. Even if Shanghai Longfeng supervisor technology in severe but it is a person, can not put a team of things to do. So when the Shanghai dragon supervisor should let each team recognize their importance. How to recognize their importance. Take a credit to a team member, said: This is the result of you, without you, our team really is not working together. This is not flattering but the truth.

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