Analysis of 2 home central location:

1, analysis of

is a data analysis, must have difference each site, but it didn’t change, is to improve the user experience as the core. Of course, thermodynamic diagram give us information far more than these, this paper is to guide the staff to Shanghai Longfeng analysis and thermodynamic diagram can recognize the importance of data analysis.


is an excellent website, must be in line with the user’s browsing habits. We may be in the process of Web site optimization, the ranking will appear, but the bounce rate is very high phenomenon, some home out rate is high, some are in the page out rate is high, no matter what, we can find the reason from the data. If the home? Is it tell us that the users did not find the content they need to enter the home after? We should be most concerned about the contents of the user or products in the home on the core position which in turn layout?.

for example, we often see some sites to introduce the company on channel second bar, and some of the company’s products on the channel second bar, what kind of layout is correct?

site navigation:



through the thermodynamic diagram, we can clearly see the audience, the degree of which the user clicks on the channel is more channels. Usually, when the previous channel design, we will according to the importance of keywords, orderly layout from left to right, that is to say, recently placed on the front page of the most important keywords. However, no matter what the site, layout sure we is not immutable and frozen. In the adjustment process, we are based on user browsing behavior, will be most concerned about the user on the site of the most important position.

from the Yueyang Shanghai Dragon: www.0730lx贵族宝贝 original, reprint, please clarify the source.

love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram believe that many Shanghai dragon is not strange, its powerful function, can not only help us to provide a scientific basis for the optimization and adjustment of web design, also can adjust the page click on the consideration of dynamic effect; let’s see how, tries to analyze website by heat:

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