so our web server must be stable enough, not every two or three days isn’t open, or open the website too slow, server selection is very important, must be careful, if not to choose good server, change too much will also have an impact on the website.

Since the The structure of

5. web server speed, this is very important, no matter how good your website optimization, how beautiful, how to attract users, but if your site is slow, the customer will not hesitate to close this page.

1. sites must be clear, code layout must be reasonable, which can be analyzed by love Shanghai Tools page, change according to the views of Shanghai love, so that the site better search engines.

search engine update algorithm, we Shanghai dragon ER and stare at the search engine algorithm all day there is no update, rather than focus on their website quality to create above, the search engine is more and more love high quality website.

2. rational website layout, we content of the page layout, must abide by a principle that is from top to bottom, from left to right, because all the search engine in the climb up to take the site is in accordance with the order of the crawling, this layout is conducive to the search engine grab us more information.

3. the content of the website is not only to the original, more to others and website content must have difference, too similar to the website, the search engine is not only recognized, and other sites of differences, the search engine will be more love, will also increase your page weight.

4. content must be rich, not only simple words, now the search engine has improved the algorithm, more love and content, so that not only the user experience better, and more will be search engine content.

before the chain for the emperor, everyone attaches great importance to the promotion of the chain, now the search engine for the chain hit one after another, the chain is also more and more high, so we have to change the strategy of Shanghai dragon ER, building good website content.

, of course, not only rich in content and pictures, video, music, applications and so on.

our webmaster website is nothing more than to make money, in order to provide help to the user, so what is focused on our website, the website on what our website profit, how to be able to seize the customers and so on, we are now thinking about the Shanghai dragon ER.

to focus on building the content, so what is worth creating? Net strange Shanghai dragon this article is to summarize to create a high quality website content Daquan, convenient webmaster reference.

6. site must be reasonable, the user search keywords, the first time we see is the title and description, so we must take the title theme from "

The three major label

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