then is to know how to analyze user behavior, in fact, content analysis optimization and user behavior is somewhat related, but not the first 10000 content and content to become dry, the original and the original, if your original content does not meet the needs of users, then the good original will not attract users, even if the natural is there a ranking, does not give you the site how much profit. User behavior analysis to study on the basis of the analysis of the psychological needs of users, they visit my website to find what, I can provide what content to meet their needs is the key, this is the core content of the website optimization.

optimization is given only a short while ago Shanghai dragon eight words, that content is king, the chain for the emperor, to optimize a website is related to the content and the chain, that is to say in the content and the chain, basically fix the entire Shanghai dragon, the site also ranked will therefore increase, but when we master a lot of persistent walking on this road but found that the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, because this road is impassable, because this is not Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also involves a lot of thinking on the problems, only innovation can better will continue to optimize the Shanghai dragon.

is the first to a web site optimization framework of thinking, now engage in more sites need to be carried out in the construction of brand website thinking, site architecture as a site of the facade, to facilitate the search engine to browse and search engine spiders can crawl, can be very smooth in the crawl, and be able to find what they need. At the same time to browse the website architecture very suitable for users, in line with the user’s operating habits, is convenient for the users to search the corresponding content, reduce the site’s depth, generally three deep enough to meet the needs of most users, make the website optimization of these content is hardware.

then have a strong marketing thinking, marketing and optimization of Shanghai dragon thinking seems to have little relationship, because enhance the site’s ranking is actually a kind of marketing, but marketing thinking is not Shanghai Longfeng optimization of all, it is one of Shanghai dragon optimization core, will to carry out marketing thinking at the same time to engage in the website optimization for example, the chain site outside the chain of publicity, if only for the purpose of building, it is obviously not in conformity with the marketing thinking, only the chain and marketing together with innovative soft outside the chain, the chain of video, through the social network outside the chain, even in some conditions. The chain is not, as long as the website marketing out, also is a Shanghai dragon optimization.

then is to be able to grasp the development trend of the Internet in the future, from the optimization of the current development trend, Shanghai Longfeng optimization will become more and more important, which is consistent with the trend of the future, but the traditional optimization methods must be with the development of time and the Internet was eliminated, because the degree of intelligent engine the search continues to increase, which shows that a search engine optimization more and more to meet the needs of users, to create a website brand for the optimization of core thinking "

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