can have a collection of millions of sites, is every webmaster’s dream. Here we want to exclude the use of Taobao and other guests included means of implementation. I also want to have a million sites included, so for those millions included site are more attention, all know analysis under. Hope can learn some skills and gain valuable experience. At the same time I will unreservedly give the experience to share with everyone, we learn and progress together. The following is my common summary of these sites, you see if they are right.

to add content sources by way of technology. >

site map utility I think needless to say, is important to daily updated website content, I believe will be able to do so webmaster rarely, although it is easy to say but every day to perform difficult to adhere to, in my observation, the multi-user blog site, their daily more fruitful results brought about by the new I want to it is very difficult to imagine. In fact, the daily update will not take long, do a list page that we will soon complete. After the update is complete to form a habit, a long time, it will naturally do, this has a positive effect on your search engine, the less content display site is more to do.

for web content, as mentioned above to be updated frequently, it clearly updated why is there such a phenomenon? That is clearly yesterday a lot, if not arguably will increase the number of why stay in yesterday will reduce today? The key problem is related to your updated content. We all know that if there is the same content of the page, the search engine will be based on certain rules to those behind the increase in the same content page to delete. So you copied the content through search engine after being deleted, so the speed is not included you might expect to have plans. The site location determines the site scale, whether can do more. The content of the web site to site in the first set when, if to do for a long time the content is still the same, it is best from the new location.

we can see that millions of sites included the site framework basically is flat. What is the flat site architecture, it can be said that only three layer column structure, respectively is the home page, column list, the content page, this branch shape form the trunk type, a layer to enhance the weight of each segment of the column, in order to increase the collection area. For the website architecture has many webmaster mentioned an idea that is to use the schema of CMS+ forum to enhance the site included, also do not underestimate this architecture, many owners have tried the effect is very good, if you will find the most careful now included over a hundred million of the sites are in the form of. There are other ways to use the webmaster Encyclopedia also produced a good effect. The inevitable human and financial support, but the result is well worth the investment.

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