two: combing the keywords, determining the coverage of

: data mining, analysis of competitors

Shanghai dragon and auction, disadvantage is obvious, due to the long time, slow effect and other factors, many people abandoned the Shanghai dragon, to bid, bidding and high cost is the congenital weakness, here we go step by step with the sort of ideas, Shanghai dragon phoenix screen technology monopoly search results page to achieve the same effect, and bidding.

analysis of the competitors, I think everyone will conduct in-depth analysis of competitors, but here I want to say is: the small site of the Shanghai dragon employees due to customer demand or other reasons, often ignore a very important issue, it is a small website only in website optimization a few words only, thus causing most of the sites in the user demand coverage is unable to meet the requirements of search, some long tail in a competitor is unable to cover the long tail, these tend to be dominated by the B2B page, and these long tail is often the flow and turnover of blasting

Shanghai dragon, as we all know, usually through a variety of tools and love Shanghai for the background of mining, and the layout of the keywords, the keywords reasonable layout architecture to the site. I generally use the Jinhua keyword tool, the keywords related industries all collect analysis useless words to delete, synonym merging, finally sorted out the key words of the whole industry.

Compared to the

The first step of !

in master data, generally two to three words for a group of mergers, such as A_B_C combination method, the thesaurus keywords product release to ten weight high B2B platform, the platform weight is high, included, once included will have ranking, but I have to do, is to win through, love the Shanghai search results diversified content to optimize, imagine, if we have five hundred words, two as a group and then, is two hundred and fifty words, if B2B company opened ten shops, each shop upload ten thousand products, then ten stores one hundred thousand products, each >

Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai auction, micro-blog marketing, WeChat Marketing…… with the development of the Internet and the rise of social media. At present, Internet marketing methods and all kinds of ways, when the current practitioners into the network marketing, often can not find suitable network promotion means of their own, but what is hot research which is often counterproductive, as everyone knows, the characteristics of Internet products determines the user groups, some products for the search engine promotion, some products for the micro-blog. WeChat promotion, and some products, determines not suitable for promotion in social media, such as mechanical equipment and other products, suitable for this kind of product platform is currently only as a search engine, a case is the recent operation here I introduce how I search word search results in the love of Shanghai home monopoly.

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