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above we can see that we can design the site structure using different types of keywords. In brief, we should first make our Lord keywords as the home page of the site title, keywords and general secondary directory as we, as the relative key of long tail keywords popular we placed our content page. The author will analysis in the following example.

our main keywords are generally some large search index or is our brand keywords. Every industry has its own main keywords, and keywords related to the location of the site and the development of late. We use the word "A5 webmaster" as an example. This is a brand of keywords, is a location for the webmaster site keywords. The following figure we can look at the A5 Adsense nets page source code, we can see the source code in the header information is the key to our Lord. At the same time also can be interspersed again in the description of the main keywords.

: the keywords we as the title of the website

for our site structure, we see the weights of the flow, we can liken it to a big tree. Our site navigation bar is leading our roots, and bread crumbs, classification is trunk, as for our content page is the tree branches. So how do we make our site weight can be reasonably allocated to our roots, trunks and branches? We need to have a perfect site structure design. So how do we design the site structure we can achieve the best optimization effect? I want to share this paper using different types of keywords to design our site structure. First we see below:

two: the general category keywords as

for our general grassroots website traffic is through the general keywords. We should structure how to use these general keywords to design the website so to get better optimization results? For example, as the author of the website Web site, there is a general programming language keywords: keywords, cascading style and so on, we can classify these general keywords in the site directory in. As shown below, this has two advantages, the first is can well improve the user friendly experience, users can be very convenient to find the relevant information to the classification. Second, can be a very good distribution of the weights of the site, as the author starts with the point, the weight category can be similar to the tree branches to deliver the site, so that we can make our content pages to get enough nutrients". Of course, we need to pay attention to the classification of the directory is not our set too much, if you really have a lot of words, you can use the three directory.

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