(2) are dead link. There is a dead link is an important cause of love Shanghai right down. Sometimes our website or delete some of the articles, dead link will appear, if we don’t fix these links, next is love Shanghai right down.

(3) chain drag. Now love Shanghai friends of the chain of increasingly stringent requirements, most of the time our website itself does not have any problems, but in our chain put us down, one of a curse so "bad chain" is also our website is down right.

gradually removed previous plus the anchor text, and after a period of time don’t add anchor text, even if you want to add the anchor text, do not be too frequent, the best four or five plus once is enough.

as the anchor text too much, and are pointing to the home page, the site has been down right, therefore, to remind everyone here, the anchor text not overdo sth..

is a reason for it, Shanghai will never love without reason to you to the site to drop right, when the site is down right, we should understand our website problems. The reason of website drop right is varied, because every site is down right may not be the same, but there is also some rules, I suggest that you can from the following aspects: to find out the reason and solution of

(1) website anchor text too much. The anchor text is a kind of rapid promotion website ranking means, but the anchor text will make a sensitive love Shanghai spider think your site deliberately optimized keywords, which will cause the site to drop right punishment website. What is the anchor text below will illustrate:



believes that every Shanghai dragon Er will encounter love Shanghai down the right punishment in optimizing a website, when love Shanghai drop right after the website ranking plummeted, and to restore the original ranking also will be a long and difficult thing. Therefore, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the face of love Shanghai downhearted down right after the optimization of the site, to give up the site optimization. To be honest, the site is down right after it is past hope it? The answer is negative, right down to the site site is not sentenced to death, only to give a chance to turn over their own website, as long as we make some improvements, the website will soon be able to stage a comeback. The author will use their experience and we discuss how to make simple, right down to the website after the rapid stage a comeback.

The so-called ?


first step: find the right down the website curse, and 11 to eradicate


solution: remove dead links, or the use of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tools submit dead links, and gradually develop the habit of daily check website dead link.

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