network management center login page of the new face of the noble 贵族宝贝 baby贵族宝贝/webmasters. You will find all the tools and resources, such as webmaster blog and some related discussion groups, but now, in addition to these, Google has added some useful tools and you may enjoy. Google hopes this new layout, additional new resources that will help you better understand how to improve website traffic, submit content to the noble baby, improve the site function.

noble baby Analytics (analysis) is a free tool for webmasters to better understand their passenger traffic, in order to improve the content of the web site. Including the time spent on each page in the new home court against the percentage index page visit, webmaster can adjust its website content, most tourists around the resonance of the "add custom search to your web page. Noble baby custom search engine (CSE) is the webmaster into its website search and help their site visitors find what they are looking for a great way. A custom search engine to access a XML API website administrator, in order to better control the search results look and feel, so you can keep your content to focus only on your site visitors.

analysis of the 1 and your visitors.


here are some brief introduction of the new increase:

you "noble baby Gadgets is a quick and easy way for network administrators, to improve their website content rich gadget free noble baby Gadget directory. The widgets to your web page, you can make your site more interactive and useful to visitors, make sure they can come back.


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launched Google Webmaster Center in early August 2006, the goal is to create a bypass more people know about noble baby crawling and indexing sites, and submit the contents of Sitemaps and other tools place. In view of all the requirements and recommendations, in the past year, Google has been busy working behind the scenes management tool to launch exciting new features, such as internal / external link data and information center.

I recently found a new


and Google API tons of code development tools to help webmasters achieve on its website, Google maps and AJAX search technology.

2, using Google’s development tools.

3, will add to your web gadgets.


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