whether it is Shanghai dragon or the Electronic Commerce released the task will be released a submitted article each big forum experience, so how to effectively speed your successful information release and smoothly through the audit? Take A5. When you release the successful audit, the article was reproduced is to increase your exposure rate. Then the problem comes. What can be issued


, the first practical and original

remember that advertising irrelevant information

second, a rational structure of

will eventually lead to what consequences?

fifth you contribute to clear

audit? Third

take the A5, when you publish an article inside with advertising information. The rate is not high, from another angle, if you browse the web, play the game when suddenly pop prompt an advertising message, what do you feel? In fact, master can publish a substantial article is very strong, and with the advertisement. Of course, this is not a short duration of time to practice the writer. Secondly, some writers are not some other information Tucao in writing, or beside the point to talk about this thing. For example: "today I’m going to send a message, but do not know can not through the audit by, ah, anyway, is the character…" Imagine this funny.

high quality article is your heart, you are also important factors through the audit, first you need to really understand an industry, to analyze a deep.

does not play by the rulesThe

that many webmaster have experience, this article through the pseudo original or duplicate copy of the article, not only does not pass the audit. And for your website is also included as much the same article other sites have been collected by what again included the repeatability of the original information about things?. The original can bring more value to the user; if some did not continue to write quality articles, visitors will slowly disappear every day, love Shanghai also won’t have good ranking. As for how to write the original article. I send you such a sentence. Said his remarks with the others. Imitation is not plagiarism

write good content to attract people who don’t see the layout of the chaos. When the section of the bold bold, the subsection, let the article has a rational framework, clear at a glance. One of the others are not willing to look at the article, imagine will be approved? Sometimes with more persuasive. Add some relatively better picture is a good way, visitors look at not boring, but also easy to get the favor of love Shanghai.

website is any contribution platform information audit mechanism (see submission guidelines), platform submission rules for those words should not appear. The structure of information will be pass off. A don’t understand the rules of the game participants, the end result is definitely out.


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