four: from the site outside the chain to find the reasons, we know that the site outside the chain of a variety of forms, but a lot of the chain in the form of very poor quality, such as BBS signature of the chain, the text of the chain, the chain of these poor quality often become victims of love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, so to win with quality in the construction of the chain, quality assurance at the same time, then.

is the site because of excessive lead optimization of Shanghai dragon will be right, but some people are optimistic that this is a normal adjustment to love Shanghai, as long as you keep going content updates, the chain construction site, ranking after a period of time still can come back, in fact, these two views are there is a certain one sidedness, the author thinks that only the investigation will have the right to speak, the fundamental reason the following is a summary of the author’s website Shanghai ranked the sudden fall of love

two: find the cause of the chain, this is most easily ignored in the optimization process, the more the better that friends of the chain site, but the chain is often bring you a very serious problem, such as with your friend chain site is down right, it will hurt your website, friends the website chain with others if the chain is too much, then import to your weight will be very small, but a new website is very difficult and some high weight site for friends of the chain, so there are already stations operating mode, to strengthen the construction of a chain of

! problem!

: find the reasons in the content, after all, is the soul of the website, content is the most prone to problems, such as excessive pseudo original, excessive acquisition, resulting in serious decline in the quality of the content of the website, there is a situation in which the website form is single page, it is not possible to build a single page website rich in content, the chain optimization can not achieve the perfect, so the site it is difficult to obtain better weight, so the content of poor quality or too simple website, more prone to love Shanghai website ranking drop suddenly


domestic grassroots webmaster is very concerned about the site’s ranking, especially love Shanghai’s ranking, the higher the ranking often means that the higher the income, so the grassroots webmaster have Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, but a lot of people in Shanghai Dragon technology also is stuck in the content update, the chain increased, but now do not know love Shanghai for the quality of the content and quality of the chain is more important, so many webmasters will experience their own website love Shanghai ranking drop suddenly suffering, so why suddenly dropped to the bottom of the website ranking is what

problem! ?Many people think that

three: find the reason from the website space, many website space is public and others, if you and other sites in the same IP is right, it will also affect your site, so the site found himself after a sudden drop in rankings, also want to query a server the log file, see the spider crawling is not normal, and you are in the same IP site whether there will be signs of right! To determine the site space if there is a

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