two, a page description tag, description.

internal website optimization mainly includes page and website structure, website structure is clear, is not what distance home near the general problem, and page optimization, need to pay attention to not only visual enjoyment.

3. to be able to attract click, allowing users to see it better, bring click more, the ranking will be more effect.

description is much lower than the importance of the title, so most of the owners are not too concerned about the description tag, sometimes even in the article are spider grab yourself, although not what impact on the ranking, but for the user experience, not very friendly. Written description to be careful not to repeat with the title, nor the accumulation of a large number of keywords, the most important thing is to form a sentence.

, on the page title, Title tags.


, about four key words in the article.

is mostly webmaster of his writing, so the keyword density or control, in general, key words in an article appeared three times on the line, if you have to use the word, can choose instead of similar words. Generally appears in the top 50 or 100>

4. can sometimes be used in conjunction with, followed by the company or product name, to the user experience will be better, more can increase the user’s trust. However, with so much to write a good title is not so easy, but it does have a certain effect.

page title page optimization is the most important part, because the search engine is mainly by title in the text to determine the theme of the website content, the user is also the first to see the title, so the title to do:


many webmaster think Shanghai dragon is the main external links, in fact, in recent years, the proportion of external links has dropped a lot, do website internal optimization is fundamental.

1. unique and not repeat, each page needs a unique title, but also concise and fluent, not making up, the best title written on the label, so it will be easier to be found.

Because the

2. and site theme and content accurate, this is required, of course, you can in the title of a natural join keywords, keywords as far forward as possible, can be combined with two or three key is better, but the title will have the word limit, about 25 words in the best. Too much will be cut off, the user experience is not good.

, for three Keywords tag, and no influence on what Shanghai Longfeng, so there is no requirement on what Keywords tag, hopefully, keywords can also add several websites, it depends on the mood.

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