query page crawl range, how to understand this? In fact, when we want to query the web crawling, snapshot and then we can go to click on the page, look inside to grab things. In your query snapshot of the time, you have to pay attention to, we search words appear in this snapshot page the word can have different colors, to give it a mark. For a case of "love Shanghai spiders crawl, we can have a clear snapshot of the judgment.

I have seen a case, the name of the site is "Xicihutong" I think for practitioners, here the hair of the chain, the anchor text is relatively easy. Then, when I was thinking, why do I send the anchor text of the chain, then the management does not delete, nor T, I feel very strange. To find out, I put my hair to love Shanghai included in the page, search, open a snapshot of a look, the original jump and shielding. Imagine, such a chain of the anchor text for the keyword of the website promotion should not, even some users interested in point into next.

for the efficacy of LinksWhen we go to

source: 贵族宝贝218lou贵族宝贝/

speaking of love Shanghai snapshot this problem we are not unfamiliar, now I can say this, feeling a little bit of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But often the old things, but it is often ignored, including the author himself, I have repeatedly ignored the problem. But I personally feel that love Shanghai this snapshot of what the hell is? With this confusion, let me see the love Shanghai snapshot function.

to view the anchor text

third: the efficacy of

written in the end, in fact, there is an anchor text, for you the keyword density detection. Write this article, hope we can really get to know Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and the importance of love Shanghai snapshot of such a thing.

and others in the Links, most of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, will only pay attention to each other, the weight of the website PR value, outbound links your website and so on these factors. That we have to pay attention to each other, on the site Links whether there is a jump situation? I think we should be going to ignore this problem! I heard a senior black hat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said, exchange Links is lifting me a big weapon rank. So we must pay attention to this problem, see love Shanghai Links the snapshot below.


query page crawlA

: the first

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