Shanghai dragon is an important part of network marketing for composition, brand building, we should pay more attention to multi-channel grasp, and the search engine on this show and exposure should be more good grasp, which has also been a number of enterprises in Shanghai dragon key project included. Shanghai dragon industry market is expanding, so the integration of a large number of talents, however, Shanghai dragon is a academic research, more needs to enhance the ability of self, to be able to get wide attention and recognition in the industry, but also can improve product visibility and conversion rate, enhance the value of their own position in the enterprise.

on the surface of Shanghai Longfeng main show is the keywords ranking, so in the optimization process, is essential for the mining and analysis of the key words, an important part of the indispensable. If the keyword selection direction error occurs, no matter how hard they try not to achieve a more ideal effect. Keywords mining and analysis process must classify the speech. According to the search intention of dividing keywords three types: navigation information type keywords, keywords and keyword transaction type. Further according to their SWTO analysis of competitors, and find out the key words the most potential for the entire station layout. There are many steps and methods for mining and analysis of key words, the need for self in practice as well as to the accumulation of more rapid increase efficiency.

for Shanghai dragon is not difficult, the difficulty is that you want to learn what the degree of Shanghai dragon. Not only that, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is not complicated, the most relevant knowledge of norms, not to exist when we read right and wrong. In Shanghai dragon skills are more human experiences, so we need to analyze and practice of self accumulation, our rich experience is important. So how to quickly upgrade the Shanghai dragon ability? The author also talk about the personal experience, summarizes the following several points, and we hope that the exchange of progress.

The second step: understand the

want to do Shanghai dragon, must first understand and know how to search engine optimization principle, not only is the search engine three working principle, more need to understand the whole process and optimization ideas. Of course you want to quickly upgrade the Shanghai dragon, from the experience of predecessors is necessary. How can we get to experience a lifetime? I must be able to read more, a lot of Shanghai dragon books are very classic, what is the classic is all recommended, worth a visit. For example, ZAC teacher’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" and translation of "Shanghai Dragon Art" etc.. From the books which can be learned more unknown "secret", we can get the more wide field of vision, that is to get more knowledge points.

The first step of

keyword analysis


search engine algorithm is 10%.

The effect of

third step: focus on the latest developments in Shanghai dragon

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