enabled Keep-Alive

caching technology to improve the loading speed of the page, as some frequently changing documents, set up a relatively long time expired, so when the user visits the site, will leave the cache in its browser, when it is the next request, in the slow.

the speed of the site is a lot of people are facing the problem, in fact, many websites are not to optimize the loading speed specially, for a web site, not only to accelerate and improve the user experience (if a website is not open, in a few seconds the choice of most users is closed rather than waiting for, but also for the Shanghai Phoenix) the flow also has a great influence, so we can understand: site speed and page loading speed is faster, so at the same time, the search engine spiders crawl page also, thus increasing the final flow growth, included. Obviously, the speed of the site is Shanghai dragon flow. Then the acceleration in the website, how should we do? A5 www. zhenduan贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng optimization team that the following points:


remove some redundant web page code, this tool can assist online, if necessary, we can see the comments in the code removed, even empty like are removed, as far as possible to reduce the amount of code, thereby reducing the page size.

use the browser cache


CSS Sprites

After the Keep-Alive

for the specified width and height of

popular point, is the picture with web site can be some of the more general small pictures into one picture, and then use CSS to call the pictures of different parts respectively. This can greatly reduce the request of HTTP, when the page loads, speed is much faster, and now many large and medium-sized sites are accelerating technology with this front-end, the effect is very good.

which is a lot easier to ignore, on the page, please you for every picture, a width and height attributes are specified, so that when the page loads, the browser will set aside the established position below the picture code can continue to download without waiting, improve the parallel download speed improve the page loading speed.

Keep-Alive you can understand the long connection before the keep-alive property is not enabled, the browser request to the server connection that the company is broken, the implementation of a HTTP request is completed, immediately disconnect the connection, and enable

property of Conncetion, the connection can be maintained for a period of time, which can improve the speed of page loads.

We can use .

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