give more love Shanghai website, that Baidu this site more trust, that website can give users a help, it is not difficult to find row >

Now linksThe correlation between

refer to the title, content, description, chief was set up these three labels just to determine the site to make the search engine more accurate theme, so as to obtain the ranking. A novice webmaster if the label set is not very understanding, you can search some information to look at, or how to reference set in love Shanghai home site.


Keywords heat

novice webmaster all know the anchor text of the rankings, the site can be said that any article will impose an anchor text, is to be able to quickly obtain Baidu given ranking, it really can do it? I do not recommend the owners to do so, Baidu although the weight given to the anchor text is relatively high, but if the anchor text is all this or are pointing to the same page is also the site of no help. Recommended to do anchor text to style.

site links, in addition to their own webmaster to release the chain, if there is a link to get the weight from the same industry will love Shanghai more webmaster in the chain and then try to choose some high weight website, the chain number is not much, in essence.

if the site do word is difficult, such as "mobile phone" of the word, you want to do is very difficult, but if the owners can extend much easier, but also some users to search, for example, Momou mobile phone, so it is relatively easy to many, especially the small team of this index is relatively high the word, do not have much change, but also affect team information, reasonable choice of keywords is very important.

2, three

1, construction period


6, the website weight

3, the anchor text site

tag setThree the label The weight of

recently, Baidu did not do what big update, the webmaster also has been very calm, but there are many novice webmaster asked me, why can not have been the keywords ranking, just because Baidu not updated? Of course not, according to my observation Baidu every day there will be a small update, insulation materials manufacturers think may be your website or internal error occurred in the optimization process.

is a new web site, you want to get Baidu this woman’s trust, will be a period of study, the assessment period in 1-2 months, during this period of every webmaster want to please mother, could you update every day, the hair of the chain, and the station optimization is also doing well but still ranked what don’t do those in the website of the day behind it and the search engine algorithm also has a relationship, the old station still exists in Baidu constantly change the algorithm, Baidu the trust degree is very high, can be in the home show is also not surprising.

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