love Shanghai to integrate PC and mobile devices:

have not denied, due to the large number of Internet users begin to transfer to the mobile terminal, the starting point of this approach is the love of Shanghai, in order to give phoenix nest promotion user bring more traffic, hoping to bring a better promotion effect to the customer.

4. communication is not convenient: as we all know, the mobile.

mobile terminal promotion effect will be not ideal?

browse time fragmentation: Although the use of the mobile terminal is more and more, but careful observation will find that users use mobile terminal browsing behavior is fragmented state. Most of the users are using a mobile terminal on the bus, subway, or travel time. Browse the fragmentation of time, lead directly to the user did not have enough time to digest the advertising information, also do not have enough time to make a purchase decision.

domestic traffic cost is too high, it is undeniable that the domestic traffic cost is one of the highest in the world. Many companies bidding account pages of advertising, the use of the pictures are big length, to ensure the visual impact of advertising page. The conflict of the two, actually is the result of users: in order to save the cost of traffic, directly off the advertising page, resulting in a large number of bounce rate. The effect of such marketing

3. page advertising space is limited: in order to adapt to the popularization of the mobile terminal, love Shanghai launched a mobile terminal advertising page on DIY tools, Hua’s experience, the tool is a fool, very good. But despite the good, but the mobile terminal layout, product information is difficult to fully display advertising page marketing effect will be discounted, it will be in the mobile terminal promotion effect of bidding.

But according to how good? Why is

recently love Shanghai for promotion, PC devices and mobile devices were integrated, the default must open mobile promotion. Many of my friends and have reflected the mobile terminal promotion effect is not ideal, ask how close the love Shanghai mobile equipment bidding promotion. Cai Cai after several days of testing, has found a temporary emergency method, share either blog spectators here.

recently love Shanghai for promotion, PC devices and mobile devices are integrated. The default mobile terminal and PC terminal sharing promotion materials, both default must be opened at the same time, the agents and the user can operate their own promotion.

according to Cai Cai of mobile terminal user behavior, and love Shanghai auction in the long-term observation of the mobile terminal user experience, that mobile love Shanghai mobile terminal bidding promotion effect is not ideal, mainly caused by the following reasons:


and some friends, have also found not good love Shanghai bidding mobile terminal promotion effect. Considering the mobile terminal price click, a minimum of PC terminal 0.8 times, this integration actually bring some problems for some users of Phoenix nest.


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