from the user’s point of view


use love stand indicators, network diagnosis domain name age, PR Google snapshot date, included the total number and proportion of external links, here, there is doubt, doubt why not love Shanghai weight? The Google PR is not a long time not updated? Please listen to the little horse said slowly.

in Shanghai dragon knows that when we do a keyword, to a comprehensive understanding of our competitors, namely the use of tools to analyze its strength, and we write the countermeasure, Shanghai dragon is the role of diversification, competitor analysis site not foot is to defeat the opponent, and analysis of the customer the site is insufficient to heal, to, in front of customers we are doctors, and the website is the patient, we also need this time will be the site of an analysis.

: a look at competitors such as

1: from the angle of the

of course in addition to these, we should combine the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai webmaster tools, diagnostic site is safe, then for the customer "

when we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, often let us solve some problems of customer site, customers only through the Internet or telephone will be sent to our web site, and then let us on its website for rapid analysis, this time is the power test of our Shanghai Longfeng base, if the analysis of the problem you can fast, perhaps is a single business, well, then the way how fast the pony to help customers diagnose website.

network accounted for several indicators of diagnosis, we should diagnose customer site, we want to see whether the page title tag contains key words first, the distribution of keywords is not in accordance with the layout format of search engine love, look at the URL website address is static, the navigation system is using a Flash JS script because we want to diagnose this site on the search engine is friendly.

search engineWhen we love from the

we want to use the user’s point of view to diagnose customer website, website distribution is clear and reasonable, the link is valid, the main page of the web site have substantial content within the page from the home page click distance, which determines whether the user can browse the content on this site is better. We want to diagnose the website user experience.

: first love Shanghai and the weight of non official, the official is not recognized. Second: Google PR value within Google update has never been broken. Then we talk about how to quickly diagnose website, when we see all the indicators, to see the snapshot date, it can reflect the update speed of the contents of this website, see the spider on the site is active, see external links, this refers to the number of links to others through this website, for showing the amount of this website the show too little amount of orders will be how much, included the total number and proportion, this is very important, only one site included ratio can reach 60% or above is normal.

two: site layout

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