let me search through the word "Shanghai Dragon Technology", in order to show the screenshot shows a snapshot of the Shanghai show love:


2, love Shanghai with a snapshot of how

this is a picture of my search by Shanghai Dragon technology, click on the result of the love Shanghai snapshot, you can see the red box there are some things, snapshot and this page is love Shanghai, can let us see what we want to see the web page quickly.

has a relationship, because the search results also show love Shanghai snapshot snapshot of time is the time, that is to say that is what time, what time is this snapshot, so love Shanghai snapshot not in real time.

sure, snapshot and ranking has little relationship. But at present, many owners have the misunderstanding, think website ranking and web page snapshots are closely related, I also tested to say so, following a screenshot to prove that love Shanghai snapshot a year ago still ranks well;

about love Shanghai snapshot of the problem, can be more than 1, 2 so simple, I according to their own experience was summed up, and the search and find on the Internet, it also finds us usually love Shanghai snapshot and ranking of some misunderstanding, there are still a lot of love Shanghai snapshot of the basic problem, the details of knowledge this point, 8 related questions below I say my summary.


when we query some vocabulary by keywords, need to open this page, which encounter web pages can not be opened, or open speed is very slow, but we have to check the content of a web page, you can click on each search engine to show the entries in the lower right corner of the "love Shanghai" anchor text, fast the view, so you can quickly check the content of the web page.


There is a relation between the

1, love Shanghai snapshot of what is the meaning of

Through the

3, love Shanghai snapshot of that time and I see the

through this picture we can see, the snapshot time in 11 years, 12 years ranked as good, and is also very stable.

we can see in the show to love Shanghai snapshot of the lower right corner there is a click the hyperlink we love Shanghai snapshot, by clicking on the link you can quickly see the snapshot, love Shanghai save the page shown in figure

every love Shanghai included love Shanghai ", will be stored in an interface, which is love Shanghai. When we are simply using search engine query some words, check out the snapshot result is stored in Shanghai love.

page? ? ?

4, love Shanghai snapshots and page rank in


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