first, for the new station, in the search engine performance is insufficient, the weight of the site search engine is very low, so the new article is difficult to be included in the search engine, at the same time the snapshot is not updated every day, want to let search engine crawl out to visit your site, two or three months is not optimized it is very difficult to achieve. I burn nets in the search engine performance is very good, the weight is also very high, when you put your site synchronization to I burn nets, it is easy to be indexed by search engines.

so did I burn nets to optimize Shanghai Longfeng easily, burning through my Shanghai Longfeng optimization to achieve the same effect, is a good choice for new adsense.

at the same time, every day just to spend less time on the Internet I burn more active, more attention, more response, can do promotion for your website. Here is a skill, put your head to set the logo website, and the website name is set to the nickname, when you look at other people, when you reply to others virtually do brand promotion.

Shanghai Longfeng better to do I burn optimization, this sentence sounds alarmist, but the new owners is that it is feasible. Why? The Shanghai dragon for new owners to do it so easy really not imagine, although most of them are free, but the most effective way is that money, and free will spend a lot of time and the new owners, I burn nets optimization for new Adsense is very easy to achieve, and can achieve the effect of Shanghai dragon.

then you can burn in my online left high quality effective outside the chain, the site to help you add more external links, enhance the probability of search engines to patronize your site. You can publish the article, left external links in a more appropriate place, but also to link embedded keywords or pictures, do not spend a few minutes of your time, you can leave a lot of chain. When the article is synchronized to the network after I burn to form an effective chain. The chain not only to search engine spiders, and if interested readers can also link to your website to bring traffic to your site.

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