can be seen from the table number of "notebook" this word search times than the query tool, can compare several words flow, keyword search number comes in this industry and low proportion. The more accurate statistical data, various industries are different, which requires a detailed analysis of the statistics of Shanghai dragon.

from the table can see very clearly, love on the number of search hits = * love Shanghai is expected to flow, the flow is expected to integrate all the words to get website estimated flow. Considering there are a lot of long tail words and Google, YAHOO can bring traffic, so that the search the minimum flow rate remained at 13728. But someone will ask, such integration who will, the most important is the month the number of search, ranking and click rate to estimate, this is the most critical, carefully the following introduction.


find your site keywords ranking good, view statistics tool to obtain the actual monthly love Shanghai traffic, according to the ranking click rate can, a table as follows:

this is the first step to estimate the search traffic, according to the key competition, the company itself, human capital investment, is expected to get what kind of Web site keywords ranking. But this is expected to have a great relationship with the personal experience, the execution team, finally actually do much, may not be one hundred percent, so the estimated flow can be calculated according to 40%-50%. Is the minimum flow standard, for example: in the following key words "notebook" as an example, figure:

first, determine the target keywords and long tail keywords


for the individual owners, generally do not need to estimate the flow of keywords, as long as to find the most suitable keywords, directly to do, can do what they do, but to work in the business of Shanghai Longfeng, especially the big company, the Shanghai Phoenix project can be approved by the leadership, budget, personnel arrangements, work process and time, to provide Shanghai Longfeng flow is expected to bring value to the company and clear. This has become Shanghai dragon will each staff must live, the following share my experience.

two, is expected to

, a number of

keyword search

it depends entirely on the charge of Shanghai Longfeng estimate workload experience, team number, each person’s execution. For the chain personnel in general: up to 50 every day the chain, medium hot words no more than 10. The high quality of the chain: chain 2, soft Wen 1, the chain 30, the difficulty of hot words 5. The station optimization personnel: the chain set. According to the staff.


first of all, most of the webmaster to Shanghai index is the default for the search times, but we all know love Shanghai index is a word month attention, not the most accurate, that how to get accurate search number

keywords ranking


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