1, the server is not stable. Because around August the site was attacked two times at the beginning of September, returned to normal, but in September was not stable, the server had trouble;

feel good to have 贵族宝贝user.qzone.qq贵族宝贝/2655646224/2 to the point of a praise, thank you.

these are some of my experience and harvest, thank you.

the recovery is my greatest achievement is to verify this sentence "regardless of your site how to optimize, how to modify, as long as it is consistent with the interests of users, fit the user experience, are beneficial to your ranking, even TDK is not cannot be modified, not to mention I was a direct modification of the entire station TDK.

3, it could be the love of Shanghai ventilation…

2, TDK website is not standardized, there is no stable ranking than before because of these changes;

after the national day, mid October, has not recovered, I Poguanposhuai. But after seeing an article "to modify the site TDK weight rose" encouragement, I will direct the website home page, column page, the content of TDK all optimization modified, while the site H1 tags, pictures alt attribute optimization, and then all the pages are all born again, and then re submit included, to of course, as usual update articles are original. Insist on more than a week later, the morning of October 26th to open a webmaster tools, well, more than 2 included. The following is a few days every day to have included, although not much, but a good thing! November 4th search rankings found "development training in Chengdu" and "Chengdu training company" these keywords and return to the home page, instantly excited, my ranking should come back. Second days at most to the top 20, should be restored. But some friends said that the two day Shanghai ranking is not normal, I’m not sure is not fully restored, but should not be a problem, the two day rankings are constantly fluctuating, constantly change, I believe that as long as the normal maintenance, all keywords should be re steady to the home page.

took over the site for a long time, is always polite to update, outside the chain, do optimization, never do any illegal operations, in September more than 20, is in love with the sea K. So I was dumbfounded, how could it! Then all love Shanghai, looking for information, finally still not sure why was K. Finally, in his guess, think the reason may be:

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