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a few weeks ago, we had invited nonprofit public webmasters to submit their website to search the quality of our team, participate in the activities of our online diagnosis. Thanks to actively participate in the activities of the public webmaster! Now we submitted according to the website, summed up some areas for improvement, and provides some suggestions and resources you can get from Google. Although the site diagnosis mainly for non-profit public website, but we believe that our proposed improvements will make benefit to other sites.

platform If users use

2. institutions: Ge Sanghua western student network

2. improved your website title

1.: olive tree disabled

noble baby search your site, they may be the first to see your website title. The title is the most direct way to help users understand the noble baby and the important content of the site. We recommend that all the web pages for the site are equipped with a strong practical and explanatory title, you can refer to our help page for help. Ideally, a good title should include name and descriptive labels. Next, we give part of the submitted website as an example:

you can see a good title should include the organization name and descriptive label. Every page on the web site is out of the ordinary, so we should create different > for different web pages

forum for the employment of the disabled disabled friends, training, care for people with disabilities

websiteJanuary 18, 2012 morning 10:46:00

1. please start using Google webmaster tools



Title: olive tree disabled

we found that some sites have never used Google webmaster tools, also do not know the convenience of this tool. Google webmaster tools can provide detailed reports on visibility web search results in your noble baby. This is an automatic upgrade products, provide website information, as the webmaster help you to handle multiple requests. Through the study, you can accomplish many tasks independently, for example: see the website state about your site links, or remove malicious content on the site. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use this tool. Start before use, you only need to add your website and verify. In addition, we also recommend this video to you, intuitively introduces how to use this tool to make it play similar to the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) role.

Title: Ge Sanghua Ge Sanghua student network – western education aid official website of 1|1+1


published: Google Chinese search quality team

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