now has a lot of fund invested sites on the Internet, and it shows how big it is. After the investment, 10 days, 30 days back to ben. This investment is similar to the Pyramid model, the upper is back, but most are not back to the station, because it will run away when raising to a certain amount of if not run away, the scale is big enough, the government will give up, and all the money confiscated, because this is involved in illegal fund-raising.

station? This is a lot to do the confusion problem!! since the emergence of GG, many webmaster pull the front to go abroad, but to understand English or don’t know. English webmaster, do a English station is more difficult. The English stands are more competitive than the Chinese stations, because the competition among advertisers is so fierce, so the publisher’s competition is very fierce. There are hundreds of competitors in any type of site. It’s hard to make an English stand and do it well.

what I’m saying here is not to say that if you have some difficulties, you will not go to English speaking station. Thinking in English is very important, thinking is correct and successful. Here are a few simple things to note:

three. Fund investment rebate project, 10 back to this

ha ha, unconsciously, another year has gone by, and sesame seeds have met a lot of friends at the front desk. Many friends are asking about new projects on the Internet recently. Nature is also encountered a lot of deceptive projects, causing trouble for your friends. Just tidy it up here today.


second, English stations do not have to be large flow. Of course, the greater the flow, the better, but not that there is no traffic on the money, and in this regard, I feel that foreign environment is better than domestic. You grab a handful of rice, put, do the chain, raising over time, there are PR, sell the connection, each station every month can also have so ten knife, standing a good income, and do not go to a large collection, do not occupy a lot of space. Or buying and selling your own web site,

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met a lot of friends before, and were not very listen to advice, because they have rebates in the early days, I think I am a huyou. However, after the increase in investment, the station will soon be closed, money is not returned, but also listen to the so-called maintenance of the web site notice, until the site closed more than a month, and gradually realized that he was fooled, and >

whether it is to do Chinese station or English station, the biggest problem facing the webmaster is content, and relative importance of news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages.

finally, the most important thing is to persist, and there is a station to learn to enjoy the lonely

one. Making money online training

also is, do you really think you can learn these do Wangzhuan tutorial is not a panacea, if there is no efforts to maintain and persevere, no matter how much the tutorial is of no use, there is no royal road to Wangzhuan, through skill is unable to achieve true wangzhuan.

Taobao on a lot of Taobao transactions, help others brush advertising alliance services. Generally cheating sh419 alliance, if successful on the income of half and half, failure, a text does not receive, and Taobao transactions, seems credible. But if you stand in his point of view is very clear, in fact, he may have dozens of hundreds of people a day for cheating, so, as long as the success rate can be maintained at 10%, the 90% at the expense of someone else’s account, he does not need to pay any cost. Occasionally if successful, then he is directly with the income of 50%, ha ha, is really a lot of benefits.

two. Cooperation alliance cheating, profit half a point

What do


first, the object should be clear, you can do the Chinese station to do entertainment, do edge ball, you can get a good flow, your object is the vast number of satyr friends. Of course, English can also do so, first of all, clear the site of the beneficiary groups.

alliance cheating income, itself risk, this kind of open cheating basically does not exist. Because if there is, the League will also immediately find ways to stop, advertising alliance is not a fool.

third, and web site topics. and almost do not see the Chinese station health, education, loan GG English keywords after the price is high, like a swarm of bees up, how can you do some traffic? Chinese specialty, such as fans, lanterns, or else your hometown specialty. Of course, except for the food, the reason is mentioned later, and the other tea is not done. TEA is a lot. You must also be an upset at English speaking stations. The site is made in the form of a mall or an introduction, which is then sold to your own EBAY store. Income is far more than you GG the couple to eat? Sent to the foreign

has made more and more web sites for money training, and it has become quite professional. Many groups came, do not know the novice also thought that encountered sunflower book. In fact, it is my previous opinion that these training teams are not deceptive, and there is indeed a lot of what they teach. It is practical and valuable. But there are many free versions of these things on the Internet, and there’s something better for you to learn. And they sell a lot of things are out of date, the effect is very poor.

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