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someone might say we’re all grass roots and we don’t have any products, so the methods you say don’t work at all. If a friend with such attitude to Wangzhuan, it only shows that you are not in the cycle of depression. A friend I know is from Guangdong, and it is said that there is a lot of sauna company there. People in Guangdong often go to the forums and groups to discuss where the sauna is good, which service bar?. The friend found a business opportunity immediately after the establishment of a sauna theme forums, the development of less than a month, there are nearly 10000 people registered, and then he began to go to the various sauna hall to pull advertising, monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. Of course, the competition in this market is already fierce, but the friend has made enough capital and started a new try.

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I began to try the Internet business a few years ago, at that time know Wangzhuan not many people, so the competition is not. But the most recent period, especially the impact of the financial crisis, a lot of people on the network to find new opportunities, hot Wangzhuan are all small owners a stampede in a do collapse. Many people complain that there is no market, Wangzhuan cake was too small to have.

      recent owners of unauthorized modification of product advertising, adverse effects, in order to promote the normal and the interests of the owners to maintain the product, please call the webmaster of the union with the code, do not arbitrarily modify or not closing, please cooperation!

through the above case, I think smart readers should have some inspiration, in order to make a lot of money through the network, the most important thing is to have their own products, or in reality with the product combination. Where do you find these products? There are countless business opportunities where you live. Remember once seeing a young man selling a very beautiful flowers were on the Internet, and very high volume. I asked him where the goods were, and as a result, he answered, "the hills in front of his house are full of goods.".


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09 years since joining the ranks of Wangzhuan more and more people, but my business has not been affected. The reason is mainly the novice friends mostly came into the misunderstanding of wangzhuan. In the process of chatting with some people, I found that many of them were pulled in by those so-called "earning hundreds of days, even earning thousands of day". Although the final result is that money is being cheated, but they also understand some opportunities to make money online, and began to take the initiative to find and explore the project. Yet one of the Achilles’ heel of a newcomer is shortsighted. In many people’s mind, is to pull people to Wangzhuan and video chat beauty or advertising alliance. I admit that these are some ways but not Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, all.

my network business has not been affected, because I have my own products, and the site is just a platform for me to sell products. Our company’s main product is education and training. When we first set up a website, we took network remote training as a business. It is also an important source of revenue for the website. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of their products, good reputation, I believe this year will be even more on the floor. We also tried something like advertising League, but it didn’t work well, so we gave up.

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