Gong Hua said, now he can sell 1 or 2 sets of templates every day, the monthly income of about 6000 yuan.

I finally is the location of the couple necklace, which greatly reduces the keywords of the competition, and I do website is a single page, home page is the entire site, so the optimization of the difficulty is very small, the core keywords in the page can be more focused, and these words are on my home page. The relative weight will be relatively high, once included, often in the front row, and I also made reference to sh419 website optimization guide a good title, keywords and description’s work is basically completed the initial SEO optimization, and then update daily site appropriate content, do more optimization of long tail keywords, so as to make their sites ranked in the sh419 home page

is the price too high? Chinese palace is still trying to bargain, renqibuwang. As a result, learning graphic design palace Hua thought of landscaping web pages, attracting eyeballs. After a month on the new line, his business was finally opened.

palace Hua also think " online decoration will be saturated day " but through the decoration, can get to know different shopkeepers, maybe someday can find the next pot of gold.

, most of the big names in the design industry scoff. A website designer named Mao told reporters that this is only the beginning of kids playing tricks on the improvement of the design level of little help, they will not take similar business.

it is understood that the palace of China for the online shop "decoration team" at least 4000.

was going to lose weight, breast and other projects, but through the sh419 index query, the competitiveness is quite large, well, or do other goods, then I found the Commission in about 30% to 40%, the keyword is replaced by the sh419 index at around 100, is also the general site the competitiveness of it, then through my efforts, the website ranking and flow more slowly, it is because the commission can do 30% to 40%, is basically to maintain the daily expenses. But it’s a long way to go to make money,


has a lot of CMS station software on the Internet now, which of course to dedecms is famous, I use the dedecms and then in the third party website to download a good feeling of the template, and according to this template change to become a kind of mode I want, if there were no changes made in the site, so there will be a lot of such similar sites, naturally do not have access to sh419’s interest, will also be included to slow down, so I have a custom, and then began to apply for the domain name, HTML for a simple modification, make it more conform to my website optimization needs SEO

third step: according to the website keyword optimization,


two, the sale of finished products template, each template price of about 100 yuan.

shop opened for six months, did not sell a cargo.

first step: find free CMS and template

‘s online shop closed and he began designing products and pricing them separately. According to the plan, the palace offers three kinds of services:

In addition to providing products, The Keywords

one, customized according to the owner’s needs. According to different needs, fees ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars,

problem comes with it. Gong Hua’s business model is to order, design, plot and debug. Every single business to toss in the middle of the night, but the profit but tens of dollars, which makes China Palace feel " want to make money can not go this way ".

second step: looking for lucrative projects

palace Hua shop quickly transformed, the mobile phone, MP3 all off the shelf, all changed to "decoration" of the material. A week later, the first business came, and then the business continued.

graduated from a graphic design major in Nanjing in 2006. She was also an online shop specializing in mobile phones and MP3.

this business inspired Gong hua. It seems that the landscaping page is very important for the online shop. All the online stores have the need to beautify the homepage, but most of the shop owners are not learning to design, they can not decide. Business opportunities exist here.

shop more and more, to shop for "decoration", also became a business,

has also developed a "marketing" program. The main means is to find someone to do "trust", spend money to brush high sellers, credit rating and so on.

three offers a full range of services, including templates, and subsequent pictures and information updates.

we do Taobao customers, the main thing is to do some profit


with Taobao strong growth in turnover, now Taobao customers earn money is also more and more, because of the growth of Taobao also led to its surrounding business growth, many Taobao customers first to eat crab, are now estimated worth millions, of course, now Taobao passenger market still has huge development opportunities. But if you want to make money, to spend more effort, instead of a API site can make money era that, following Taobao customers a better way is to create a single page website, here to talk about my single page Taobao off the way to make money


fourth step: analysis of data sources to achieve accurate marketing

In the next two months,

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