misunderstanding: my site advertising unit price is low, I heard that these low prices are blocked advertising, the price will go up, income is high.


eCPM reflects the profitability of web pages, that is, each one thousand PV can bring you much income. For advertising, this is the ad. How much revenue can you get if you show it one thousand times on your web page?.

entrepreneurship students, Wang Guosong is an absolute leader. Wang Guosong is a northeastern Liaoning, the words boy is now a Yunnan.

for a semester, Wang Guosong started the fossil business. "The fossil is a scarce resource. I like it myself, but I’m not doing it well. I lost it."."

truth: shielding low prices may see unit prices rise, but not raise revenue.

eCPM= click rate × advertising unit price

Taobao online, buyers can praise the seller, middle or poor assessment. Now, Wang Pu erh tea has been Guosong buyers more than 1100 good.

has also won awards in competitions that reflect practical skills and marketing expertise. "If we were rated as an excellent class at the provincial level, we would be the first marketing class in the school to receive this honor."." Ning Qing said confidently.

Wang Guosong’s class is the 06 grade marketing class of the school of economics and management of Yun Normal University. The monitor is now preparing materials for the "excellent class at the provincial level".

also several students opened the physical shops. In the Grand View commercial city opened a boutique Qin Mingyi, business is quite prosperous. 3 students chose to invest in the tartan shop, and they did very well. Do more to the number of weeks Xunxi, he organized a arts training school in Guandu square, as a principal.

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is the highest eCPM in the bidding, that is to say, the advertisement which can bring the most revenue to your PV will win and display. The reason why you see low price advertising is that the price of these ads is low, but the click rate is very high, so eCPM is high, and the same amount of PV shows that these ads also have higher income. And those high priced ads, because of low click rate, lead to low eCPM, so it will not show.

in 2007, Wang Guosong began selling tea sets on Taobao. "First in the tea wholesale market blindly turn, no money purchase, and afraid to sell, so first with the boss about good prices, and then took pictures, hang to the net, someone bought, and then to take goods."." This risk is small, but it will be a loss, people know you are someone bought only to take goods, so the price is very high."

business is booming:

"I’m going to start a company specializing in Pu’er tea. The registered capital of 100 thousand yuan is ready. The money has been made by selling Pu’er tea on Taobao over the past year."." Recently, Wang Guosong, a junior student at the school of economics and management at Yun Normal University, is busy planning its own sole proprietorship. And his class, there are 1/3 students, self-employed, when a small boss, in the campus is known as "the most cattle entrepreneurship class."".

shop into Taobao hundred

to improve advertising revenue, the most effective way is to optimize the location and size of advertising, improve click through rate. The best way to increase the unit price is to do good content and attract more advertising to your website. The fierce competition is bound to bring more expensive advertising. Shielding ads will only reduce the number of ads advertised, reduce competition, and ultimately damage your advertising revenue.

Wang Guosong is the shop earlier, after him, there are 4 students registered in the Taobao store or other sales sites, are operating Pu’er Tea, although sales Miss Wang Guosong, but every month there are nearly million in revenue.

revenue =PV × click rate × advertising unit price =PV× eCPM


so if you blocked the so-called low-cost advertising, those high cost of advertising can be displayed, you may see the advertising price increases, but the ad click rate is much lower, eCPM is lower, so your income does not increase, it is likely to reduce.

so when you look at advertising revenue, you should look at eCPM, not the unit price of advertising. The unit price does not reflect the profitability of advertising. Shielding low prices is not a way to increase revenue.

because the AdSense bidding system decides which advertisement wins, consider the effective cost per thousand of eCPM, not the unit price. What is eCPM? First look at a formula:

from the beginning of the semester, the 06 level marketing class, there are students to test the waters. Now, 31 students in the class have more than 10 successful, became a small boss, not only the cost of living and tuition do not worry, many people have reached the stage of accumulation of funds.

Wang Guosong is looking at his online shop reporter Xu Chang / photo

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