today opened trading resume trading

in LETV announced the resumption of trading at the same time, also announced a revised major asset restructuring plan, on the basis of the original increase in the supplemental disclosure of the underlying company business revenue, the main business income of the top five movies etc.. Among them, Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming, Gao Xiaosong and other producers or directors, as well as music film "bound". According to the arrangement, Zhang Yimou served as artistic director of music studios, as its director and music studios exclusive shooting less than 5 movies; Gao Xiaosong and film music as the exclusive cooperation in at least 6 films, including at least 3 for 3 as a movie director, film producer; Guo Jingming is the screenwriter director, and the "grand track" and "future" a total of not less than 8 film and film music as cooperation project.


to enter the guest should choose suitable ways to promote

limit or up or down?

performance commitments show, as the music year 2016~2018 pictures after deduction of non net profit of not less than 520 million yuan, 730 million yuan and 1 billion 40 million yuan. Every investment treasure noted, LETV 2015 deduction after non profit was 573 million yuan.

every May 6th evening, LETV announced a major asset restructuring plan. Plans show that LETV intends to 41.37 yuan / share issue 165 million shares, and pay 2 billion 979 million yuan in cash, the total price of 9 billion 800 million yuan to acquire LETV holdings and other 44 shareholders holding 100% stake LETV pictures, including Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming and other trading star Honglei Sun and the many; and intends to not more than 5 specific non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of not more than 5 billion yuan.

to enter the guest to choose the niche market

In the field of today’s

suspended nearly half a year later, the gem’s second largest market capitalization shares LETV will resume trading on June 3rd. Previously, LETV on May 6th evening announcement, intends to buy 9 billion 800 million yuan Music Pictures 100% stake. Announcements, LETV May 12th received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a reorganization inquiry letter, the company has in accordance with the requirements of the inquiry letter listed on the issue made a written explanation. Upon application, the company’s shares will resume trading on June 3rd opening date.

calculated by the total market value, LETV currently sitting on the gem second top gem, the largest market capitalization is the temperature shares. LETV before the suspension to close at 58.8 yuan, the corresponding total market capitalization of 109 billion 100 million yuan, second only to the temperature of the shares of 164 billion 400 million yuan, the total market capitalization.

market is now most concerned about is the resumption of LETV stock price movements.

now the Tao do more difficult is the promotion, how to let others find your website and buy the product is a problem. Do a beautiful website without access is not profitable, now for the guest promotion is undoubtedly SEO, soft, post, promotion is not much, but in essence, as long as a good grasp of the practice, to a high degree of excellence, do not worry about no site visits, also don’t worry about not making money. I have always insisted that is best suited to their own, like my own station I have been using my best SEO promotion, through the core keywords optimization to the first page of sh419, and then bring some traffic. Some webmaster is good at soft Wen promotion, that he can through soft text to bring certain flow, and then converted to income. No matter what type of promotion is adopted, the one that suits you is the best. A guest Master I contact, he neither SEO nor engage in soft, is out of more than 30 stations in the station group, his monthly income over a million, I admire him. For a new person, practice a skill and carry it out for a long time

in fact, in the A share market, a major asset restructuring for listed companies can be described as a big positive, after the resumption of stock prices rose is not rare. Storm technology, as well as LETV popular gem stocks. The two are also in the gem index at a high level when the suspension, the same is a major asset restructuring, the same acquisition of the film company, coupled with the gem index in May 3>

last year sh419 K API station to Amoy wantonly changing sh419 algorithm now, as well as many weight loss, breast enhancement, skin care products to enter the competition, a new industry must choose a niche market amoy. The so-called niche market, competition is small, big profit of long tail market, others such as promoting weight loss products, then we limited to personal ability and economic support, can choose to compete in small profit big products, although this product every day in the search for more than less, but less competition, better to do SEO. The same idea, if we choose dozens of niche market products to do, then if a station a month to earn you 500 dollars, if you have 30 such stations, that month can be more than ten thousand. As for the product to screening, we can find the background to the mom, and then you can operate with some tools, so the thinking goes, I think in the Amoy industry, you won’t do a half or 0 of income. Not every day to each big BBS called Amoy is a Wangzhuan way, find the reasons from their own body is the premise of their growth.

Wangzhuan, Amoy competition is undoubtedly intensified, from what they do new to almost all in Wangzhuan Laoniao, Amoy were wading Wangzhuan, the novice will undoubtedly increase the difficulty, many competitors. To the veterans, increased competition in the industry, so many people to divide the cake, but also the impact to the income. So for our people, is not to enter the Amoy industry there is no chance? It seems to me that in a year of Amoy webmaster, any time there is a competition, also hidden opportunities, you can seize the opportunity.

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