although young, but the new venture is looking at the talent of two people – in the Red Sea recruitment of the Internet to find the neglected campus recruitment market, and seize the university students job pain point.

with my friends, my heart is too blind, impatience is not clear now the situation of Internet, is not ready, the rush to buy the domain name to buy space, until a few days that do stand the hardships and make money is not easy, many people have asked me now, many of the online publicity day to earn 200 month, earn thousands of tutorial should buy, I always remind them, do not buy, do not believe what they say let you earn money in the company, you can quickly earn hundreds of words, I will take my personal experience to share with you a.

"in the twenty or thirty team, we just chose them, because they have their own kind of small gesture." About the acquaintance with micro school network founder Tang Luyao, Fang Bo, Hu Xiaochun tells the story of a detail: when produced "who is undercover" micro network has 300 thousand users, but they told the media that only 20 thousand of users. "This kind of awe – taking, and a very curious attitude towards the product. We like it very much, and that’s what makes us see them."

at the end of last year, the sea network has settled 500 companies from the new venture saw, developed into 24 regions covering more than 300 colleges and universities, traffic rank first campus recruitment website, by about 10000000 students sought. This month, the new venture has invested in the "sea cast network" level of the A round.

and behind the phenomenal product, the new venture is famous not worth mentioning, is more like a low-key stealth ninja.

in the venture capitalist world, angels are used to describe investors who support early-stage entrepreneurs. In 2012, the establishment of new venture is one of them.

three must be well prepared.

In A lot of

I have come across before a website, that is as long as 190, can let you earn 200 days, I saw a really tread on air at the time, the urge to buy, I thought as long as 190 day, I earned back, more cost-effective ah. Before buying me a free short video about their money making tutorial, it is with what they called the software brush shlf1314 Adsense advertising, which he demonstrated, only 1 minutes to brush 1 a few dollars, the operation is simple, anyone can, and said what the IP brush, don’t worry about being caught shlf1314. The people involved in the Internet is not deep, is no doubt a great temptation, fortunately I have not shlf1314 account, in the application process, gradually understand the relevant policies and the advertisement to some older blog, I understand a word: never fancy, you are not clever clever in shlf1314. fortunately, I did not buy, hear me buy a friend bought after complaining, simply ignore you, but he didn’t cheat two days account number was K, so don’t rely on a network of these propaganda.

2014, the new venture into the service of college students job platform "sea cast network."". Then, as the sea network is still in business school students by project team then outsourcing project subsidies, founder Wang Xinxin recently graduated from the University, co-founder Guo Wenfeng still in graduate school.

today, the Internet is becoming increasingly popular, Internet entrepreneurs also have many advantages, convenient, fast, small upfront investment, but I don’t know now ordinary people can also use the web program make relatively professional website, especially in listening and speaking who do earn 2000 days, after a year to earn a few hundred million news is so ready to. In my personal experience, give the following four suggestions and ideas.

But the new

two I wrote the article "a sophomore Wangzhuan experience", a lot of people to contact me, I said with similar experiences, have experienced similar experiences, and I share in the discussion, I found a problem everyone. I hereby put forward, I hope all of you will help.

same year, the sea net has won the new venture capitalist angel, this is also they get the first investment.


in fact, as early as 2013, new venture capital has become a shareholder of Wuhan micro faction network, and in 2014, 2015, a Luke vote. Before the "snake wars" turned out, new ventures have been the only institutional investors in micro networks. And "werewolf kill" the product side, Shanghai mask technology to get new venture angel is in 2014.


" is the first institutional investor to be an emerging enterprise." New venture partner Hu Xiaochun introduced, "this is the new style of doing things."".

has two more names than startups, which are also starting new checks from new entrants. A social networking game called "werewolf killing", launched in early 2017, sweeping the mobile terminal, is still hot. Another is the Wuhan micro faction network, from 2016 August began blasting WeChat friends circle of "snake fighting" is out of their hands.

ten million, don’t be anxious. First of all, don’t worry in your heart. Don’t be too eager to make money quickly. You don’t expect to live on it. Besides, the world is not so good. Many people seem to have become rich, but in fact, how much people pay attention, effort, you do not know. In order to make money, the mentality should be stable, calm, not too impatient, otherwise it is easy to suffer.

venture partners Hong Yi more willing to put new described as stealth venture investors, investment entrepreneurs entrepreneurs". During the interview, he was meeting with entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley.

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