China Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation Science and Arts Center Director Zhang Zhiyi said, "the consumer defined fixed user group for fans economy is too simple, and does not have fans economy, if not well understand the operation of the business model and consumption characteristics, after all is only a short-term prosperity".

I have made a site still a few cents to please, to second days when found that the site has been closed down. It really makes me sad. Because I do not love the development of the assembly line, had been alone, only registered to earn meager income, in fact, the site I registered in the end can not receive the money after my own heart did not end, even low pay site you have to go it alone for more than a month to request.

I wanted to be able to all of the site’s money all together to a station, that’s good. Many people think it impossible if you can put all the money together to a site station, I once registered hundreds of thousands of sites every point of advertising that day also can earn tens of dollars, in fact, this can be done.

meters for Beijing Choi Yun’s brand, mainly engaged in online music product research and development and service operations. At the end of last year, more than A8 the major shareholder announcement that, in preparation for the Beijing Choi listed three new board, meters program restructuring, the industry pointed out that A8’s disguise holdings may be Beijing CHOI-WAN meters, the market value of listed or increased deployment in advance. In January this year, the light media to 68 million yuan of its own funds to buy more than 13.63% stake, Li Xiaoping, vice president of light media also served as director of music meters. Visible, many meters of capital operation has been very frequent, it is possible to seek the layout of the listing.

to be honest, if you click on the line, if you don’t have enough referrals, then simply don’t do it, because doing it yourself is not really the way out. But to give up and click Wangzhuan really make people very distressed, foreigners good money why is that we do not earn? I thought, really difficult to rely on old traditional way to pull off the assembly line, a lot of people say that it is difficult to pull off the assembly line, even if you have many referrals you are made but you you may not be able to get off the assembly line, the line did not earn what money for a long time will give up, then you have one less line, easy development personnel and go really sad.

a lot of people do fear most is not received, and finally point to a few months of advertising can finally request, only to find out in the end on their own sites cheat site all efforts, finally all in vain, even though it is normal site, may be time to request the website and there is a problem. Not open the site even account was deleted in some cases etc..

Beijing daily news reporter intern reporter Wang Jiamin Chen Lijun insiders told reporters that in June this year, more than meters music hereinafter referred to as "meters" plan in the domestic new three edition listed. If the listing plan is completed on time, it means that meters will become the first unit of domestic music companies.

, let’s get down to business. How do we get to the point now? Sorry, it’s too wordy. First of all, you have to have a group, you can manage this group. Recruit people into it, in fact, to do all the money gathered to a site up, very simple. When you get into this group, you change your own memo name to your favorite site

in the entertainment industry, fan economy is undoubtedly the most important consumer channels, fan economy is the most typical application area is music. More than Gu Weidong, vice president of music has said, meters hope to better tap the value of the economy inside the fans, good service fans. Let fans business model become a matter of course. However, its fans operating platform even more than on the App despite the rapid rate of expansion, but the negative impact of the integration of the group, held in the light of the media content resources this year’s music billboard, I rushed into the list of App sold in the storm, TFBoys fans at the voting fraud money 180 thousand yuan. By fans, economic and commercial interests, but regardless of brand value continued blind expansion, fans are constantly criticized behind, even App, meters, music and how far can you go?

in the face of this situation, Zhang Zhiyi believes that meters music is ultimately an Internet platform, because of its lack of self innovation and self transmission, and no deeper processing of music or two research and development. Perhaps the listing is the first step for this platform to mature, but at present, there is still a good sense of service to do accumulation, the lack of quality blind expansion of the brand, is not far away and undesirable.

Tencent before and Duomidacheng music copyright cooperation delegation. But the two music software user experience is a big gap in the number of songs, music, language lyrics translation so far better than meters music, add lyrics, music watch MV barrage, and upgrade the quality of a real-time add practical function, meters music practical function was less, not to mention the system and user privacy settings and other music platform to compete.

click Wangzhuan circle of people know Mao rich uncle, said I was a genius, do the most rubbish click Wangzhuan a month there are thousands of yuan of income, but also particularly easy, today also revealed to everyone. I hope you can understand, after the next hair on the line to see the rich uncle, not understand the words two times can see. Do Wangzhuan many people know, click Wangzhuan is a project of the most profitable and most profitable. He said the money because he is simple, but do not invest a penny can bring you profits, the premise is you have enough off-line; said he did not make money because a site up to one day bring you 10 cents to the income, but also can not get the money or an unknown number, if you no line, then you do it on is not to earn money, even if you can earn up to earn a few.

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