, a few days ago, released a notice within the APP that told users that the deadline would be due by May 9, 2017 because the system was going to be upgraded. Some sensitive users also feel wrong, and even send messages to ask the departed air fox former staff. In a few days, the new announcement was issued in APP, which is more obvious this time, "pay off".

was stunned.

Zhou Yahui holdings, after assigned to CEO when the name of Livia zhang. So I asked Zhou Yahui, Livia Zhang, Zhou Yahui’s vice president, staff Yishen, and asked about them. From the night to the day, there is no reply, very quiet, no matter which time zone the three are in

for this round of financing, New Enterprise Associates, general partner Ravi Viswanathan said that the company’s Braintree technology is very confident. "We believe that Braintree has the ability to challenge all participants in the payment field, including PayPal."

Braintree is not the only company trying to emulate the PayPal business model. Another such start-up company is Stripe in San Francisco. Stripe says the company’s services can make the payments process smoother between retailers and consumers than PayPal.

mobile payment startups Braintree financing $35 million

because the situation is so bad, I hate to look miserable, when I wrote the above announcement with all my might. That was the best choice I could have done at the time. It’s the most important thing for me to get back to health. Must be treated, not to worry about money, shares are shenwaizhiwu. But I can’t help giving up.


so I traded shares for "live with an empty fox.".

– –

empty fox is one of the three major second-hand trading platform, trading girls idle items. The pay off function means that the user understands that the rhythm is to be closed. However, as a founder and a minority shareholder, no one told me to close the empty fox. Although only 10% of the shares, there is no decision-making power, but such a big business changes need not inform shareholders,

, that is to say, as long as the payment of the empty fox employees, users of the normal withdrawals, my shares free transfer to shareholders, that is, Kunlun world wide chairman Zhou Yahui. Finally, when the agreement was reached, I had 10% left to become a non controlling minority shareholder. Zhou Yahui owns 90%, so the company is his.

Braintree aims at the core market of PayPal. The company said it would use the round of financing to develop new payment functions, as well as to explore the international market. So far, Braintree has raised $70 million.

online and mobile payment startups Braintree announced this week completed the second round of financing, the total amount of $35 million. The company’s round of financing was led by renowned venture capitalist New Enterprise Associates, while Accel, Partners, RRE, Ventures and Greylock were also involved in the investment.

six months ago I fell ill, the company by the shareholders to take control of the time, many people paid attention to this matter, the circle of friends scraper. It’s common for companies to fail, and corporate acquisitions are common, but neither is my case. I am the founder himself kicked out of the company, the vast majority of shares to shareholders by shareholders holding, I roll.

, I’m the girl Dan, the founder of the empty fox. I thought I would never write this name on my own initiative.

earlier this year, Braintree to $26 million acquisition of mobile payment startup Venmo, adding another similar PayPal function: digital wallet, and payment between individuals.

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empty fox is really a real mess that has been abandoned by investors and identified as negative assets, and I think she’s more meaningful. I’m going to follow up on other projects and earn money to run an empty fox. Let users buy and sell second-hand here as before.

I was lying in the hospital, and I didn’t feel so bad. At that time, some netizens commented, "what’s like a TV show?" I think so. But no one would have thought there was a sequel.

Braintree says the company currently handles more than $5 billion in payments each year for more than 3000 mobile and online businesses, including Uber, Fab, Airbnb and HotelTonight. For each transaction, Braintree charges 2.9% plus 30 cents commission. At present, the company has operations in more than 30 countries, and accept more than 130 kinds of currency payments.