One of the biggest benefits of

in late April 2011, when I was pleased with the development of the website, a sudden disaster arrived – the filing number was cancelled and the website was forced to shut down for more than a month.

The The value and goal of

is the basic condition for long-term unremittingly do Wangzhuan, but to get more income, we must learn to study summary, website promotion project, to find good projects, learn good investment projects. Because only by returning Commission, although there is no risk, and long-term stability. But the benefits are limited. According to the actual data net Wangzhuan rebate, if every month 20 projects back to stable, so active referral every month rebate amount is between 150-300 yuan. Not active, only income tens of yuan. Therefore, only by returning Commission gains, it can only earn pocket money.

3. Learning + project investment

so, my cousin and to update the story, three months later, on the site of IP reached 200, half a year later, the website IP to 800.

2. patience + perseverance:

novice make friends how to invest? Net Wangzhuan advice: for the novice to make friends, "

1. integrity + compliance:

this is the most basic conditions do Wangzhuan, if you want to do Wangzhuan, we must achieve this point. If you do a few days, did not receive payment or rebate, they give up, then you will never be a good wangzhuan. Because any Wangzhuan have Qifubiaozhun and payment cycle, do Qifubiaozhun to request payment, after some days, some ten days, some tens of days to pay to the account, only very few immediate payment. Since the Commission is also arranged according to the payment period of the project, when will the project be collected and when will the commission be returned?. So, if you don’t do it, it will come to naught.

I operating a small boutique network website: Story www.pmume, 2007 registered the domain name, in June 2010 began formal operation, the site’s purpose is to collect, arrange, creation, value, good story. A cousin of my website content update, I am responsible for site operation and some technical work. Current website day IP1W.

, tell me something about myself. Female, graduated from university in 2009, graphic designer from 2010 began to operate a small amateur website. You can write simple HTML code without any professional training in website construction and operation. Most of my SEO knowledge is obtained from shlf1314 Webmaster Help and sh419 related documents.

more than a month later, after the site recovery, sh419 site value of 0, until a week after recovery, only a few IP. < >

provides Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Only in accordance with its regulations, the payment is guaranteed. In violation of its provisions, the light is not paid, the direct number of K. Some beginners earn friends, always want to get the proceeds quickly by cheating, such as using automatic click Tools, advertising, register your own offline and so on. In fact, that’s not feasible. Because it allows all Chinese members to participate in the payment of the project, it has enough testing technology, enough to detect all kinds of cheating you, so that it will allow Chinese members to participate. Otherwise, you may refuse the Chinese directly, and you will not be registered at all. So, novice make friends do not hold do Wangzhuan cheating mentality. The real returns are not on the Wangzhuan master cheating, but to comply with the rules and the development of the assembly line, the investment project to.

at that time, when we rented the house downstairs, there is a collection of books and the kindly old, my cousin often go inside to find books to read, can always find some good old books, these books are now very difficult to buy, there is no content inside the internet. "If you send these things online, they can go on and on," the idea was so simple.


our beginning is not wonderful, but for the development of the site left a good tradition – dedicate valuable content.

so the first batch of our website comes from these old books. Scan first, then identify with software.

‘s relentless advertising campaign is the confidence of the project owner to get more and faster pay opportunities. Therefore, whether you are making friends alone or having a large number of offline friends, you need to stay active for a long time. According to net Wangzhuan knowledge, the master line number Wangzhuan though, but they are long-term point of advertising. Besides, beginners make friends. It should be more active for a long time.

new friends do Wangzhuan, often anxious, always want to quickly get big gains, it is not realistic. Do Wangzhuan, revenue is good. But it takes a lot of effort and time to do well.

sh419 is to recommend the most valuable content to the most needed users. Our dream is to dedicate worthy stories to our readers. In this sense, we are in line with sh419’s goal. This is the theoretical basis and spiritual motivation of SEO.

, our website is not a success, not a master. Small women’s incompetence, talk about my years of amateur SEO experience.

site was created by my colleagues in the company, using the Empire CMS, not doing any other SEO work.

two, sharing dreams, meeting people – from June 2011 to February 2012, from 0 to 3000IP

one, chasing dreams, starting from scratch – June 2010 to March 2011, from 0 to 800IP