this form of media although only 140 words, but a launch will be very popular, the current popularity in Beijing, Shanghai and other large and medium-sized city is quite high, micro-blog has issued whenever and wherever possible become a part of your life. Personally, I opened micro-blog already has more than half a year, while Sina, Tencent, Sohu three platforms have opened a micro-blog account, but because Sina micro-blog whether the influence or the number of fans are slightly better, so I to play Sina for micro-blog, currently has more than 3000 fans.

The object of

Although micro-blog

management is human. The management of human beings depends on the system, the deep level and the long-term view, and the culture.

to line into the management system, the characteristics of good management culture, must deal with problems in the implementation of enterprise management happen every day of every hue of sorts, pay attention to the implementation process and the implementation process, implementation, tracking feedback, implementation effect, fostering good corporate executive culture, it can realize the corporate culture landing.
examine the implementation problem, everyone, scholars and entrepreneurs have a lot of profound insight, to improve the execution problem of enterprise strategy level height, this paper from the enterprise how to use information technology to improve the execution of some preliminary discussion.

when the number of fans more later, there will be some micro-blog marketing agencies take the initiative to come to, I believe you the number of fans in the thousands more will come across this situation. Have the commercial experience, I found that not only is the original V micro-blog can make money, like me grassroots micro-blog can still make money, after some research, I found at the micro-blog marketing organization is really a lot, whether it is some special micro-blog marketing company the business itself, have begun to actively try and explore.

with the above favorable environment, I feel happy Amoy invite friends earn commission mechanism is more suitable for me, decided to try. In April 26th to now, just a few days time, through my personal micro-blog indirectly help Le Amoy achieve sales exceeded 4000 yuan, I also got the order of 5% of the total Commission incentives, although only 200 yuan, but I was very excited when the relevant information in the sharing of music Amoy shopping again careful, it will certainly earn more, this model allows the money may become the era of micro-blog.

how did I do? It is actually very simple, in the music Amoy web page right very conspicuous position as "invite friends to the highest return 146 yuan" button, click in accordance with the relevant procedures can be a step by step operation see: letao/Marketing/2008/ index.aspx id=1088?. According to the specific communication, my experience is must share the final page of music Amoy related products, because here from potential users shopping links recently, the other is sure to pay close attention to daily Le Amoy home launch activities, as well as the official micro-blog and Lok Lok alliance official micro-blog, timely cost-effective products.

through a variety of ways to make money, but most of the higher threshold and lack of persistence, at this moment, I occasionally heard a friend say that Le Amoy launched to invite friends to earn a commission mechanism, I suddenly realized that his chance, Amoy to me is not strange, once on this website there have been many pleasant shoes experience, so the B2C enterprise user experience was very reassuring, in addition, I found the year after Le Amoy brand advertising on the Internet can be seen everywhere, this is to enhance the visibility and influence of music Amoy is good.