advertising placement is also very important, advertising should be placed in both the visitors do not hinder the normal browsing, and eye-catching place. It’s important not to interfere with the feelings of visitors. Some ads have appeared in the entire length of a big advertising, you wait until after the ads to show the content of the web page, such ads bring great harm to visitors, there is a sense of being raped. Of course, not out of your site is fine, visitors must read the advertisement to see what he really wanted, such as the CCTV news broadcast the advertisement before, you must see, so called big fish with net fishing is another matter.

at the same time, in my friends, but also have almost a and I first time friends, it was because just added to the Wangzhuan army, we are.

with these or not, may your site visitor is fixed, then you can change the position of advertising or regular visitors, because you already know what the website is advertising, which is advertising, which makes your advertising gradually reduce the value of their own. Therefore, I suggest to the king of the map, can not change the location of advertising positions?.

?In contrast,

people, courageous and knowledgeable one upmanship

there is no such thing as a free lunch, and of course there is no wasted money. So when advertisers pay you advertising fees at the same time, if he can get more profit, he will renew. In this way, the value of the advertising bits on your website really shows up. On the contrary, he will not renew, the value of advertising does not exist.

, this is a widely accepted truth. How do you improve the value of your ads?

in new to the time for this Wangzhuan, can make money on the Internet will undoubtedly full of surprises and excitement in the emotion driven, that can be called "passion", believe that do Wangzhuan friends on this initial stage when the mentality of a personal experience. So, at the time of the beginning to find a code of the most simple is the most basic and hard way Wangzhuan is full of passion, but now I think, every day will be hard, but the income is quite modest, really let me too much to handle! But, there is no way, because he has no other skills, can do there was only the simple nature of the low-level Wangzhuan, have passion and toil to obtain substantial benefits through Wangzhuan is almost impossible.

isn’t really an alliance, it’s one


contact Wangzhuan is two years ago, although the line is not too early, the time is not short, but in this short two years but can only use two words to describe the "failure", needless to say very far from their previous expected goal difference, even you want to realize the role change, don’t do only with the brute force of the lowest level role did not succeed. This rare encounter can calm down to the weekend, to summarize and review the causes of the failure of self to himself in these two years, compared with I know Wangzhuan "winner", interested in Wangzhuan not to join or new friends just started Wangzhuan the sentiment, also played me this "but the value of teaching materials". Good, don’t gossip. Get to the point.

pursues Transcendence – the pain of changing roles

all webmaster basically rely on advertising on their website to earn advertising fees, I do not know whether the value of advertising sites on their own site is considered?. Today I’ll discuss the problem with you.

first – have passion and toil Wangzhuan

all of this has been done and basically raised the value of your ad to the highest level. But I also think about a new problem, your site traffic and advertising why not use part of the advertising to reflect the higher value of his? Is to put these into their own advertising? Many owners think they don’t do what the sales, no other projects can be done, and there are also projects may not have time to run. Now I will give you recommend a new form of advertising alliance: free, the highest income, the effect of transparency, no management, alliance of the end of the month bonus.


shlf1314 advertising alliance is to achieve keyword matching, this form to allow visitors to see the content of the page and advertising content related, then it reflects the maximum value of the advertising position. We know this principle when we again to their targeted ads will no longer blindly, for example: download station download put some kind of advertising, music websites on the bell like advertising, webmaster kind website put IDC or commercial source of advertising. Doing so increases the value of the ad position, thus making advertisers gain.

in a year or so this vulgar and boring things, I have also experienced this pattern of Witkey Wangzhuan, as well as some foreign registered business alliance, but they are odd money accounted for no Nadechushou achievements, running his own role as always started like, is a type of young soldier stragglers and disbanded soldiers, the initial enthusiasm has been spent almost light net of the net. It was at this point that I felt it necessary to try for a change of role, and that if I had only worked with this minimum wage, there would never have been a day of success. Try to find some Wangzhuan mode "source", but in the end because of the lack of human resources, no technical advantages have not been successful, this also let I deeply understand that if not do Wangzhuan their core competitiveness, and ultimately can only do this, the lowest level and contribute the most minimal work role has not changed this success. Let me question for Wangzhuan their own choice, I really fit

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