From the process of earning 0-100

I belong to that kind of house girl and do it again

in a flash, two months later, looking at the book so dozens of dollars, I was wondering whether I should not do Taobao customers, these time, I spent work, should be able to earn more. The seeds of doubt begin to germinate and let their enthusiasm fade away a little. Finally, there was a new change in my job, and the Taobao customer gave up the second time.

Taobao blocked sh419 has for a long time, from before the big door noisy until his sh419 raise a Babel of criticism of the line on the mall, during several times to visit than found Taobao and pat the copycat version, but this can not blame others, after all, everyone is from even a country to learn things, but in general the sh419 user experience is good, there is a discontinuity around the feeling between Taobao and alipay. May be the reason for the impact, and found that the real transaction is still very few practical products, mostly virtual cards and things like that, perhaps buyers are still waiting to see the attitude of it.

to sh419 and Taobao in the war will not affect the development of local online mall, and build a platform of their own in a hurry, because they have done Taobao and pat experience, so a series of processes above are familiar with. The store on the line, every day to add one or two commodities because usually have to work and did not do much to promote, in a sh419 update after actually included, during the period of no more than half a month ago, because Taobao’s reputation is not so buyers are not many, I want to go to the shop to do a new now, first of all to do only a fixed place mall, and shop in the form of a company to run so that you can avoid many adverse factors of personal operation, this part of the logistics and save a lot of trouble. Unified city express 5 yuan, and directly near the city can look at the sample, the traditional market and online operations combined. Learn from each other. I have confidence in my Huitong market well, we welcome comments. :11342156

so I walked for a long time. This friend advised you do Taobao customers are actually more psychological struggle is not necessary, only obsessed with doing it, stick to it, is the most effective way.

but when publishing articles, the functions of the website aren’t as good as they think. It’s always a bit of a problem. I had to find the webmaster of the site, listen to him, said it was a template a long time ago, and now the template has been upgraded, so I spent another 100 yuan to buy a new template. Stationmaster is very good, help me install. Listen to him say, now Taobao guest also not so good to do, stationmaster all go to do group buying website to go. A little hit, but I still hurry to update the article, hair chain, do promotion.

work for more than a year, settled down, just think to find what the network of part-time, and then open the Ali Mama, did not think there are more than ten dollars, really surprised me, it should be a long time before the money on sh419. Why didn’t you take the time to do it every day? It was said that during this period, there was a lot of competition and many people made a lot of money.

then started learning Dede online and was going to be a Taobao site. Because I find that Taobao API not profit, Taobao guest single page is not good to do, the money is to do the content development station. With a lot of remorse and money making, I started learning about domain names, space, and SEO and got a Dede station. I downloaded a free template on the Internet, because I thought it was pretty. Unfortunately, put up the page dislocation, let me how to get this technical rookie, but also bad, and had to go to the pig to spend 50 yuan to find people, help me change, and finally good.

I actually contact Taobao off early, that was 09 years before graduation, then unsuspectingly Ali’s mother in the register. Then I answered two questions on sh419, with links to Taobao. And then let go. At that time, I did not take it seriously. I was busy looking for a job, adapting to the new environment, and I didn’t expect the Taobao guests.

I’m a very average Taobao. In the forum, often see netizens ask: can Taobao customers do? Taobao customers do not earn money, I always see my shadow. The first I had ever, confused, helpless, had hang day, earning $0 when a lot, sometimes the monthly income of million. Say to do Taobao guest, my biggest achievement is the state of mind is flat, also because the mentality is good, also began to earn a little bit.

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