first: make a place to make money. These are the

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do

websiteThree local operation site

by in front of me to write the article, friends for a place to make money operation site strategy has been slightly closer; at the same time a successful operation about local websites, no good vision is no good, this one a bit further, one point is also a lot of friends is ignored. Your body and spirit.

don’t look down on these two aspects, it’s good or bad, directly determine your success or failure. Do not think that operations will be carried out according to your idea, you compete with other people, people also have a master, you dig customers’ customers, resources, and erode the proceeds of others, of course, they will do you. In fact, no one can cross you, unless you yourself, their own cross the two biggest factor is the physical quality and morale. Identify? Applause!


tell me about my own experience first.

when I read in junior high school is love martial arts, self Zama step, buy a Book of traditional Wushu training. Quietly put a word in middle school, I practiced qigong (the kind of illegal propaganda, not the TV is handed down the real), belong to the kind of inside and outside, not hard Qigong (top, mouth bottle, palm open. This kind of brick… Is hard, so let qigong) my body foundation is very good, in the process of practicing Qigong, I practiced the Hunyuan pile, there are requirements for willpower, a practical action in there, one hour does not move (except of course breathing, breathing also pay attention), summer up early, dressed little, a mosquito bite. The bugs in your body to climb (because it is on the grass, but also top training). In later work, although not practiced for many years, but those still, sometimes even engage in two night, no problem, because Qigong foundation, can control their way into the deep sleep sleep, in particular when used, can sleep an hour above the top 5 hours (not commonly used, otherwise it will mess up the body biological clock), business for almost 7 years, although not practiced for more than 10 years, every day at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. after sleep, no problem, and although the use of computer for 10 years, but the eyes still keep 1.5 of the state.

had a long winded pile, the story was finished, and the next step…..

you can’t repeat my past, but also impossible to imitate my experience, isn’t there another way? Yes, of course, I also believe that the physical quality of the stationmaster also has a lot of, after all the young, you can also advance….

let me say something about it,

The promotion of

physical quality is divided into two aspects, one is inner, the other two is external;

inner ascension: diet, nutrition, sleep,


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