generally, site visits the Google Adsense, the higher the income, but when the traffic tends to be stable, how to improve the Google Adsense advertising revenue, is worth us to study. Google billing Adsense is more complex, there are "impressions, clicks, CTR and web advertising revenue per thousand effective display (ECPM) of four parts, including advertising revenue per thousand effective display (ECPM) reflects the profitability.

when the traffic of a website tends to be stable, the first three indicators of Google Adsense are basically stable. The fluctuations are only eCPM. When the value of eCPM is relatively large, advertising revenue is high, and when the eCPM value is low, advertising revenue is less. Therefore, the basic reason for increasing the revenue of the website is to increase the value of ePCM.

so how do you improve your ePCM income? Here are some ways to improve ePCM:

1, Google Adsense control the advertisement quantity, the new station is education network, there is a period of time has been running Googleadsense ads on each page, each type had placed 3, website hits, hits are good, but the income is not good, ePCM is very low, until one day, Google think the advertising effect is not good, minus a lot, turned out the accident found that the value of ePCM has been greatly improved, Google Adsense’s advertising revenue has been greatly improved. Of course, there is a degree of problems, neither too much nor too little, this degree should be adjusted according to the basic situation of your site until you find the most suitable for your own web site.

2, using Google Adsense channel analysis. Channels allow you to see detailed reports of the effect of ad units on each page of the site. Through the channels you can find advertising position which pages on the profitability of the best advertising position on the page which profitability is the worst, put down all those ads worst position, because of the lower channel of income will affect your entire advertising revenue. About ways to build channels, you can refer to the Google Adsense guide.

3, good site content and advertising match. In general, Google Advertising is based on your content on the page to automatically match, and now Google Adsense has launched interest based advertising, is based on the user’s interest to your website, advertising. But sometimes Google Adsense advertising matches are not accurate, and often with the donkey lips do not Ma, which is certainly a Google Adsense problems, but >

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