ha ha, said, do not stand for money is empty, 1% of the station can be for interest, can be curious, can experience, that and go to a KTV, nothing two, just a small experience in life.

99% of the people do the station is for profit, not necessarily money.

and what I’m going to say today is to be a station, so don’t make money as your starting point.

sat for a long time, 4 cigarettes time, memories of walking again, 4 years ago to today, from second years after graduation began to contact the network, so far to network for a living.

The last

in the first Admin5 do stand experience and experience by Admin5 published on the home page, with visible many users reply, the last published 2 years ago, it was the first station to do a successful small website for 4 years, and today I will own second small a successful website record, also share their own station section heart experience and feel 4 years of hope, even if only a little is to give people a little bit of reference. I think that’s what Admin5 means.

‘s first article is about the ninth stations I run, www.zuxiaw.com steps. Is the first successful station, I say success is only for my own business, 1 years and 3 months, net profit is about 600000, perhaps for some people is not what, but I still feel proud, that is their own hard work out, is more of a sense of accomplishment, a the electronic commerce station.

in retrospect, the forum has 17 stations, the local real estate network, local talent network, SNS dating, e-commerce, game station, like to try, do is think for a long time before the analysis, a thorough analysis, and with full confidence to implement, and from start to 8 before ninth a station, no more than 3 months, there have been several still in business, but just hanging in the form in the first article, I said the successful experience, and did not say today this article title, because in my second station when I realized a deeper layer of meaning.

still have to mention second of my stand, or say no concept of second successful my station is to pick the cargo net, the domain name was also under the cruel beat www.tiaohuo.com Larry, is such a website, a supply shop navigation, ordinary type station, is electronic commerce ring.

begins the details below. In order not to mention the domain name again, I divide the two stations into A and B.

had to do the first electronic commerce station, I still open advertising company, may also be because the advertising company itself is the reason for art, website interface, and content requirements are higher, more sensitive, then do A station is said to be a try, and did not intend to from do make money, then looked down and.

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