The role of

for the website promotion news is very large, so we webmaster friends need to know how to write a high quality of soft Wen, because the soft effect is very good is very friendly to search engines, so we as a webmaster must adhere to every day to write a soft Wen, and we to ensure the quality of the soft, so today to talk about how I write soft experience and give you some good advice.

one, the title of the article enough innovation, enough to attract

The key point of this article is the title of

, because the user before browsing first if you look at the title, the title is not enough to attract the public eye, or not to be able to bring readers some reading to attract it, then your soft Wen is a failure, because the title is not attractive enough so the user will not continue to look down your article, so we started to write text to draw up a good title.

two, the content is clear, theme positioning detailed

has many beginners start write soft Wen write bad, most are wide of the mark condition, but also a part of the webmaster soft content is very vague, allowing users to look, do not know what is said in the expression of what it meant, so will let users feel somewhat confused, and many of the theme positioning many have always not detailed enough, so when we write, we must focus on our theme to write, not the East pulled a Xiche sentence to the end, you can estimate the lost.

three, the article typesetting to clean, sentence paragraphs to distinguish

At the same time

we write articles should put the whole layout of the article to think well, the overall framework and the idea of writing to clear all the conditioning, article publishing should be clean and clear, and we should be good for the segment end, not the whole article is not divided into paragraphs, so the user experience will be very the difference, and punctuation in the article should pay attention to.

four, promotion URL in the right place,

since we write soft so is to promote their own websites and products, so we in the article will appear on our website and keywords, although we want to appear keywords and web site, but we should be reasonable to choose good position, rather than in the article add, this will lead to the poor reading. We should have a natural extension to the promotion of the website and we mentioned products in the content of the article, this is the real good soft wen.

said some experiences and suggestions so much to write text, hoping to give you some help, just here and share with everyone, if what is wrong, please forgive me.

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