content summary: the degree of GG advertising matching depends on how many of these ads determine

website theme positioning should be more advertising type

I can assure you, at present, most of China’s webmaster is small webmaster, using DZ forum site for income, basically rely on GG and Baidu alliance.

to be clear, our website is like a triangle,

GG or Baidu —-DZ forum —- member user

Why did

GG and Baidu in the first row, they are our forum income wealth, if not first in the station at the beginning of thinking of them I think this website will become a personal website built for interest.

, GG, and Baidu are, frankly, advertisers. Think about what kind of people are willing to advertise. What kind of advertisements are there?.

this, I suggest, if you’re doing a national website, look at the ads on CCTV, TV and radio stations, and see what kind of ads are.

if you’re doing a local or an industry website, it’s important to keep an eye on the ads in the local newspaper or on tv.

why would you do that,


, I just said GG, not Baidu,

because if you want GG advertising match high, plainly, you do stand, and must be compared with the more advertising.

, let me give you an example and make a PHOTOSHOP website. If you put GG, you’ll probably think of the ads for the plane class and the template class.

wrong, in fact, do PS station display of GG advertising, theme promotion show chaos seven, 8 advertising. Recommend ads will correspond to some, such as template download similar keywords

this is because, when print ads are relatively small, GG displays other advertising such as product sales, stock markets, etc..

because the promotion of advertising and PS match degree is higher, so the promotion of advertising revenue than the theme of high income reasons.

for example, I do is cross stitch site, you see, although the name of the web site called cross stitch City Trading Forum, but the content of the transaction information is not much, mainly to provide cross stitch embroidery free download, friendly exchange. Let’s analyze the ads shown here.

cross stitch ads rarely, I feel a few people to do cross stitch advertising GG, so this site is displayed wholesale clothing, computer sales and other advertising transactions.

why cross stitch on the website show clothing, computer trading class advertising more,


look at my web site name, in addition to cross stitch, the broken, my forum or Trading Forum, is not a little cry up wine and sell vinegar.

now >

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