shop before the homework to do, one can not be missing, so do the homework before opening the shop, so that their future hair Zhang will help. Here I simply say, what should be done homework, those:

has a lot of friends in Taobao, eBay, pat shop, hope one day can also do their own shop! Hope to establish their own brand! So you intend to open his own shop, please build system repeated visits shop, shop system has a certain strength and influence of the company, do not covet the shop system is cheap or unrealistic promises and deception! Because I am also a SOHO family, open shop at home, a lot of friends in any open shop, have a good many suggestions to my friends, so I have some good advice and reminders to tell you, I hope everyone in the network is no longer lost gold in Mrs. another soldier


, if you open shop, choose online shop system, to go to this online shop system website, detailed view, three of which must be investigated,


1) of online system, copy the software system name in Baidu search related content, will know about the main! See is not favorable publicity, there is no negative argument, but we can also see is not the search in large capacity, more famous, more attention to


2) is the successful case of online store system, look at the shop style and the quantity of the goods shop success, and success can even ask the shop owner, and feel convenient, after all they are used, and also can make wise remark of an experienced person, a friend, you have a personal shop based on popularity to


3) is to the online store system forums to see the voice of the user, this is for you to choose the shop very useful way to look at is in use by some user feedback and other online users of the system is ready to use the idea! Make a reference to your choice, the choice of a good the shop system. Starting from the following points:

Security of

1. online shop system.

Stability of

2. shop system.

3. online shop system sale service.

4. online shop beautiful.

5. is easy to operate and easy to manage.

6. price.

is a safe and stable system is a prerequisite for us to buy. Simply. If we shop hard business as an insecure unstable system one day system is black, or a sudden collapse. That does not mean to waste our time, our energy do. In fact, it is equal to the money so buy online friends don’t care a little bit less. We put a little more time actually get more.

does not mean that the more expensive the system, the better. We can refer to other customers’ use of the online system brand before we buy it

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