Internet thinking and genes, and toll free does not matter. The key is to control the cost of "fast": fast distribution, rapid build barriers.

Wen / Wei Wu,

, a friend in Shenzhen, recently made a product that is currently in use in 4S stores and may be geared towards more car service providers, such as beauty shops. It is actually a set of technology solutions, 4S stores using this solution can be a customer service properties (rather than mere information push) WeChat public account: for example, the owner can query maintenance and maintenance appointment, or illegal queries such as. This product looks interesting, but also some of the so-called "just need": there is a demand for car owners, 4S stores also need to attract car buyers to come back and continue to contribute service consumption.

my friend opened a press conference on this product, after a "Jobs" addiction, invited a lot of friends come to cheer. Some friends said to him: This product can be considered free, because free products in fast – we all love free. But I think, this product really should be like my friends think: charges, and the cost is not too low, a year 4S shop how to also have to pay tens of thousands of pieces?.

when talking about the Internet or Internet thinking, genes, everyone’s first idea is "free", based on the huge amount of users, and then slowly toss business model. But in fact, the Internet thinking is not equal to free, because you have to consider is such a question: how to promote products


free product promotion has two ways, one is by word of mouth, a relatively long time; and the other is by advertising smashed, then the cost is very high. Free products are difficult to "free" by the power of the channel, because the channel to help you out, not in vain, channel gain where? Nature is asking you to go advertising.

But once the

product charges, it is possible to produce the promotion commission after the success of this truth: as CPS (Cost Per Sales, the advertising fees charged according to each order / to each transaction), and free products only do CPA (Cost Per Action, click the amount of charge). The channel still needs interest, but this time it’s not asking you, but asking about your installed object.

specific to this product and its development team. My friend in Shenzhen steeped in automobile network media for many years, belong to the vertical line of business "vision", he has enough resources to do offline promotion in Shenzhen. But if once over the Shenzhen area, according to the resources of the physical distance decreased gradually, he urgently need more adequate resources for his 4S shop promotion, only to set at a higher price of products, it is likely to inspire these people he tried to promote. If it’s free, probably nothing more than hard ads

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