as the saying goes, a good business model is half the battle. Airbnb is a travel, rental housing community, Time known as the "rental areas of eBay", last night (24), the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission documents show that Airbnb is raising $117 million C round of financing, and ready to be listed.

Airbnb in the previous two rounds of financing had received $7 million 800 thousand and $112 million investment, and now the capital market valuation of Airbnb in between $20-30. While the short term industry "big brother", the United States HomeAway, market capitalization of $3 billion 200 million.

Airbnb China apprentice in the early Airbnb model achieved explosive growth, before and after the B round of financing in May 2011, domestic C2C (CopytoChina) entrepreneurs quickly it was copied in the Chinese Market:

April 2011 airizu on-line

September 2011 Soufangwang tour of the world short rental release

August 2011 go to market net of ant short hire line

December 2011 route home online

live in December 2011, I’m on line

February 2012, 58 city launched short day rent

May 2012, rent online here,

August 2012 piggy short rent (58 city partner) on line

in addition, domestic short rental service website (Airbnb) and happy rent (which net), Cheng Road Network China daily net, free home, rent here, rent, the rent, tenants, search love short rental network, short rent fan (order network), daily music etc.. In twenty-first Century, the economic report classified the idea China HomeAway short rental companies from Airbnb& into four broad categories:

is like a "entrepreneurial website airizu" this is two; business related attachment of Internet Co, such as from a tour of the world "and" ants short rent "; the three is the traditional housing intermediary website launched, such as chain of family owned by friends of the family is four freely; like the way home" as their intervention line listings, rather than the landlord and tenant aggregation platform model.

, and Jiang Haotian, general manager of northern lights, believes that the short rental industry can be divided into three modes:

is the first platform model, namely the website as a platform, the landlord and the tenant is the seller buyer role, communication transactions, similar to C2C; the second is to become another "extreme", to establish their own web site listings channel; the third is mode between the two is, find peace between the platform and the self. Self

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