recently in Ali mother tried to put on a batch of advertising, respectively, in more than 10000 of the visits to the station, the bottom of the price, the average person to visit at 1 yuan. Ben thought so cheap, bought a good advertising position, waiting for my station, the flow soared. But I did not expect to try one week behind, Ali mom realistic hits below 1/10000, I dizzy. No kidding me.. So many stations are cheating, brush flow brush, I began to not believe, so I personally tested. So find a station, the flow of the home page is not big, the site is not included, the shortcut is only one, use these traffic to brush the home page Ali mom advertising position. I’ve chosen such a piece of code,


traffic is obviously not true, much more than the consistent traffic. This is actually the result of the brush, so I took the code again, what can I get after brushing it? The cost of thousand visits has been greatly reduced, which is the consistent mentality of buyers at present. And advertisement page "the website where advertisement place shows" the antecedents that show also is his website only, below average circumstance, won’t cause suspicion easily.

even so, your advertising price should not be too high, otherwise, no one will buy. There are shortcuts to running the right thinking or method. I think so. A lot of things have to be tried, or you never know the secret. A lot of technology or what, is a hymen, pierce found it.

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