webmaster of this industry is very influential, competition is increasingly fierce, willing to follow the trend is not only we do these station colleagues, many VCs also conform to the Internet boom as the shadow follows the form, volume also came, and those tycoons compared many of our lack of funds, personnel and so on, these are things that we don’t have, we do not have these advantages, we can only find their own advantages to do, where to find that we can succeed? We all know that the Internet is different from traditional industries, the traditional industries of the success you need to understand the traditional line of the unspoken rule, efforts may be successful for some time, the network industry is too much be not of the common sort. The people here face load, there are also a lot of people is now a meteoric rise, one in a million. Looking at the successes and failures of these people, it’s not hard to see why.

number 1: too old-fashioned,

in this world there is always that most people at a younger person is not pleasing to the eye, not willing to accept new things and I think now that is the trend of the times, it is impossible to prevent you against the trend of the times, we often say that the road to Jane, homeopathy for. That’s the point. We all know that most of the industry success in this industry are those of 70s, 80s, why these people achieve success, while others rarely succeed? Because they are not willing to accept the current network culture, from your heart will have a strong rejection of the of course, this does not exclude this culture, their experience is too deep for the sake of


second: look at network

in a traditional wayAlthough the

network is to serve for the reality, but after all, is the network, network has many unknown culture, fun, we won’t go to discuss the rationality of its existence, we say why the traditional eye is unable to see through the network, the traditional industry people love with a mask to hide my face, for fear that others see your true colors, and the network is not, everyone can take a name for themselves, what is this name, all with his intention, he is willing to what it is, so it is different to real and unreal, also make us unable to look at reality the problem with traditional


third: eager profit mentality

network as a vast expanse of water into the sea, you can cast a stone splashing the big wave? Many people see others earn a lot of money, but also like a swarm of bees rushed to find this is not the case, not today, tomorrow will be able to get a fish, but the need for a process, you can to examine various well-known websites, see how they succeed.

fourth: the frame is too big,

must be the biggest and this is many of our webmaster cover and contain everything, get rid of the shadow, if we do a door apartment layout site, so the site to attract users.

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